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June 15, 2022

3 Ways to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Perhaps your taste has evolved and a fashionable marquise stone is just no longer appealing, but a more traditional cut is. As a couple now you may have more money in your account compared to when you got married. Whatever your reason for wanting to enhance her engagement ring, it could be a difficult process.

How would you know what you really want with a new ring? If you’re retaining the old one, how would you improve the diamond whilst conserving the special significance of your engagement ring? Here are several options for upgrading your engagement ring.

1. Trade it in

Do you want a new ring? Consider trading your previous engagement ring to a local jeweler. Afterward, when the jeweler evaluates the ring, you will usually be provided a monetary value which you may apply to your next transaction.

If you want to achieve something completely different and both of you trust and genuinely love the jeweler’s concepts, this may be a more enticing choice than selling your ring for cash. Find out what works best for both of you, then do your homework before selecting a jeweler. It’s also vital to know the worth of your jewelry before selling it, so consider having an evaluation before getting started. After you’ve traded it, you might consider getting a new ring or designing one afresh.

2. Make adjustments and additions

Do you adore your stone yet desire a more contemporary setting? It is undoubtedly conceivable to incorporate an old diamond like a natural black diamond into a new ring, yet, it’s doable. You can:

Change the color and carat weight: Would you want to change your gold into silver? There are alternatives. Also, you can change the carat weight from a 2-carat emerald cut diamond ring to a 4-carat emerald cut diamond ring.

Add stones: Consider stones that have special value to you. A favorite jewel or a birthstone could possibly be incorporated into your existing ring for a dash of added sentiment and a splash of color. If you really want to shake things up, you may even consider turning that stone into a completely new piece, such as a necklace.

Alter the band size: It’s normal for the size of your band to change over time; it may become too tiny or too large, but don’t worry. Resizing services are readily available.

3. Upgrade your diamond size

It’s relatively not unusual for tastes to shift with age, and it’s no wonder that most couples aspire to change the size of their stone with time. Prior to actually pursuing this approach, keep in mind that not every ring has the same settings. To expand the size of your gem or stone, jewelers must frequently examine it and assess what is doable in a case-by-case scenario.

Your existing ring settings, size difference, and budget might all influence how your upgrade is carried out. Before you meet with your jeweler, figure out what size of diamond you want (whether by diameter shift or carat weight). After you’ve decided on the diamond size increase, consider the color and clarity you desire.


While wedding bands and engagement rings have personal importance for many couples, it’s acceptable to seek an upgrade while you progress in life. Whether you want a new ring to utilize old diamonds, increase the size of your diamond or adjust the setting – whatever your needs are, a knowledgeable jeweler can likely assist you.

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