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May 26, 2022

4 Courier Problems When Delivering Luxurious Items

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve had to use a courier service to transport luxurious goods, you know just how stressful and complicated the entire process can be.

Luxurious items can include a wide range of products – right from antique woodworks to delicate clothing that costs a fortune to invaluable jewelry pieces.

If you’ve had bad experiences before and want to know how to tackle them this time round or are going to be shipping valuable goods for the very first time, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be talking about 4 major courier problems you’ll inevitably face and how you can solve them effectively. So let’s dive right into it!

1. Broken Goods due to Mishandling

This is by far the most common issue among the other common courier delivery issues that people face when shipping any kind of goods, and it’s even worse if the items are precious or expensive.

This is especially tiresome if you’re running a business and your goods are being delivered broken to your customers. Not only do you have to refund the payment now, but your customers may also leave bad reviews and not take the chance of ordering again.

The good news is that this problem is still avoidable and can be fixed without you having to spend too much either.

All you have to do is find the best materials used for packaging your particular product – whether it’s peanuts, bubble wrap, cardboard, or even wood cartons in certain cases.

Here are some other measures you can take to protect your luxury items:

Always use boxes that are sturdy and can withstand being thrown around.

Make sure the product you’re shipping does not move around inside the packaging – this could damage it.

Use dividers when shipping breakables and glassware.

If any of the items are hollow, fill them up with any kind of packing material.

Don’t cut corners, as this may lead to broken or damaged goods.

2. Damage to Goods due to Improper Packaging

Sometimes, it’s not really the courier service’s fault, but the packaging that may be inadequate. For example, some luxury goods should not be exposed to any kind of moisture, or shouldn’t experience any kind of rattling or vibrations that may occur when it’s being moved around.

To fix this, the only possible way is to use good packaging that will not allow any kind of moisture or steam from entering the package and ensure that the product is tightly packed so that it does not move.

3. Problems with Security

There are numerous people who have suffered heavy losses due to the improper security system of the courier service they’re using.

This could either be due to the employees’ negligence or even theft from one of the employees who are aware of the valuables that are being shipped.

This is why choosing a good courier service is one of the first and most decisions you will have to make because your luxury items could go missing if you aren’t careful.

It’s best to always go with established companies, rather than taking a risk with brand new services. Additionally, be sure to go through their online reviews to see if there have been any such occurrences in the past.

4. Delay in Delivery

Though this problem isn’t as stressful as the others, it can still lead to a lot of frustrated waiting. Very often, problems at customs can lead to delays – while this may not seem like an issue if you’re in no rush to get it delivered, it will be a problem if you’re running a business and your customers are kept waiting to receive their order.

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