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February 11, 2021

Aestethic London – A luxury plant-based clothing brand

Aestethic has a progressive approach to modern luxury, with the influence of nature and purity running right through the middle of everything they produce, down to their packaging. They define themselves by the quality and meaning of each garment. The brand puts the accessibility of the pieces ahead of the business profitability in order to promote ethical, organic, and sustainable clothing. Whilst also demonstrating that, sustainable clothing is more financially efficient than fast fashion.

At the forefront of the revolution towards more sustainable living, the brand believes that achieving an ecosystem of true sustainability is a multifaceted recipe, not only focusing on a few aspects, but the entire process needs to be clean. Aestethic London design, develop, and manufacture into this premise. This implies consciousness toward all detailed elements of the entire supply chain, production processes, and product afterlife. Their aim is to create a cascade of sustainable practices that flows smoothly throughout.

Their first collection is undyed; inspired by the purity of natural raw materials and earth’s neutral shades. The Ethereal collection intertwines minimalist lines with sophisticated details to capture a trans-seasonal, effortless chic silhouette. The collection has been meticulously designed with quality, sustainability, and timelessness in mind to create meaningful pieces.
All pieces are made from plant-based mono material fabrics issued from organic agriculture.

One of their most impressive offerings is their Lifetime Repair Policy. In promoting slow-fashion and standing by the quality of their clothes, Aestethic London wants to help develop a deeper appreciation of the things we own, fostering a culture of reuse and repair. Therefore, they offer repair to all their items no matter how long after purchase.

They are pushing back against the brands that are primarily based on a linear model, where unsustainable practices develop poor quality items that only have short periods of wear. This leads to the throw-away culture we see so prevalent in society today, working off a “take, make, dispose” model.

Aestethic London is designed with the desire for each piece to be circulated responsibly in society for as long as possible. Their collections are created with circularity in mind from the initial design decisions, the selection of raw mono-materials to the afterlife of the final piece. They are loyal to their regenerative “take, make, repair” model, which sits as an antipode to the traditional linear model of “take, make, dispose”.

Aestethic is nurtured to be a natural and clean brand. Every aspect of the brand was consciously thought to be the purest possible. Truly achieving an ecosystem of sustainability is a multifactorial recipe, not just focusing on a few aspects. Their aim is to create a cascade of sustainable practices that flows throughout the lifetime of each of garment they create.

“At Aestethic, we want to see the beauty of the clothes extended to the lives of the ones who make them, extended to the environment where they are made from. Here, sustainability and ethics are not traded for fashion but rather the three intertwine in every part of each aspect. Forever enshrining the purest things, the planet has to offer, we create timeless pieces for those who care about aesthetics, ethics and all earth forming diversities. Constantly and consistently incorporating all those values in every detailed aspect of our brand, from the raw materials used, to the clothes tags and everything in between.” – Founder, Lucie Azari

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