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May 27, 2021

Are whiskey clubs worth it?

Whisky clubs are synonymous with individuals who like the taste of whiskey. Therefore, a whisky club is an avenue through which like-minded persons interact and share their whiskey experiences.

There is a rise of whiskey clubs, including private whisky clubs, i.e., in the United States. However, to be a member of a private whiskey club, you have to pay a subscription fee. Once you do so, you’ll receive benefits such as using club facilities and special bottlings. Also, members enjoy the exclusive whiskey tastings available.

The purpose of whiskey clubs

Whiskey clubs and various subscription companies work similarly. The main goal of whiskey clubs is to look for exciting, new, unique, and old whiskeys for members to taste. Often, whiskeys are available in different tastes, descriptions, and cocktail recipes. In addition, whiskey clubs are significant for those looking for new ways to try and learn more about whiskey.

Membership fee

A good club charges a membership fee starting from $20 per month. After that, the subscription can go up depending on various factors. For example, you’ll find small taster bottles in some clubs, while others have large bottle tasters. So, the amount you’ll pay depends on how many and which bottles you want to try.

Why whiskey clubs are worth it

The purpose of whiskey clubs is to assemble individuals who want to explore and learn more about whiskey. It’s even more enjoyable, especially when you’re in a group setting.

Here’s why whiskey clubs are essential:

The chance to taste unique and expensive whiskey

While joining whiskey clubs helps people create new friends, they offer a chance to taste expensive whiskey. Usually, clubs purchase different types of whiskey, including expensive ones. They do so for their members to try. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to try special editions, new whiskey, and more. Clubs can also purchase rare malts for members to try, taking the whiskey experience to another level.


Whiskey clubs offer you the chance to taste different kinds of whiskey. Apart from that, you’ll meet like-minded individuals who will help you learn more about whiskey. Besides, it’s the best way to meet new people and create connections with them. It’s never about just whiskey, but the experience about whiskey when you’re around people you can call friends.

Sharing the whiskey knowledge

The increased popularity of whiskey clubs is much to do with the need for people to meet, share and discuss whiskey. However, it’s now on a different level- thanks to social media, various clubs have chosen to take such activities online for a more exciting experience. To stay active online, many clubs have now created Facebook pages. Here, club members can discuss various drams, whiskey events, and other related activities.


Do you love whiskey? Don’t miss out on the exciting whiskey experience. There are a group of like-minded individuals in various whiskey clubs. If you want to taste new or unique whiskey, whiskey clubs are a great idea. Besides, you’ll meet new friends and learn more about whiskey.

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