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February 23, 2021

Cosmetic dentistry with a difference at Bespoke Smile

Dr Sam Jethwa is famed for being the go-to aesthetic dentist for smile makeovers and for training dentists around the world on the latest developments in cosmetic dentistry. Dr Sam heads up an award-winning team at his private clinic Bespoke Smile, nestled in the beautiful town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire. Designed with patient comfort in mind, the boutique clinic, which has been voted as ‘Best Private Practice in the South East’, offers a welcoming and elegant atmosphere from the moment you step in.

From the stylish clinic space design to the welcoming staff, even the most nervous patient will feel reassured that they’re in good hands. One of the secrets of Bespoke Smile is the unique patient experience it offers. Each member of the patient care team has been trained by experts in the luxury hospitality sector in order to deliver a five-star client experience at all times. The clinic also offers a concierge and chauffeur service to ensure patients travelling from further afield are cared for during their visit.

Style and patient comfort aside, the clinical team is world class and the clinicians are leaders in their field, specialising in advanced cosmetic dentistry while championing ethical, minimally invasive treatments with natural looking, results. From implants and orthodontics to laser treatments and subtle teeth whitening, the team uses the most cutting-edge techniques and equipment to create a bespoke smile for each patient. Bespoke Smile’s clinicians are not only technically skilled, but excellent at reassuring nervous patients and involving them in every step of the treatment helping them make informed decisions about their treatment.

One of the hottest trends in cosmetic dentistry right now is creating a naturally perfect smile, moving away from the days of ‘perfect’ Hollywood smile. Clients now want a smile which is perfectly balanced so it looks like it truly belongs to them – essentially their teeth but better. There’s no one better to help you achieve this than Dr. Sam as he is the only dentist in the UK offering the trial smile which is all about creating smile makeovers which are so natural that you’d never guess someone has had veneers fitted.

Traditionally, veneers require filing down the real tooth so it’s thinner and shorter and a fake tooth can fit over it. Dentists then take a mould which is then sent to the laboratory for the veneers to be created. Sam’s approach is quite different. Apart from preserving as much of the original tooth as possible, he goes a step further by hand sculpting temporary veneers which allow people to live with their new smile for a few weeks before committing to it.

This is the secret to creating smiles that are aesthetically pleasing and are fit for purpose. We used to think straight, proportionate, white teeth were beautiful, but now we’re looking for real and Sam’s approach takes into account every element of someone’s look (including any facial asymmetries) to create a natural, perfectly imperfect smile that complements the natural features of the face.

Bespoke Smile exists to make a difference to its clients, giving them a smile they can be truly happy with and a service that’s second to none. You can book in for an allocated consultation where you and the clinician can discuss your requirements in-depth so the experience is entirely bespoke to you.

For more information please visit Bespoke Smile or call 01628 488538.

The Bespoke Team is available seven days of the week via email, phone, Messenger or WhatsApp or you can directly book a consultation on the website.

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