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March 30, 2024

EviDenS de Beauté – Luxury skincare available at Harrods

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with EviDenS de Beauté, a prestigious beauty range available at Harrods, London. Crafted with exquisite care and enriched with potent ingredients, each product delivers sophistication and efficacy, promising an effective experience for those seeking efficient beauty and radiance.

The Special Mask, £170, available at Harrods UK

This toning, hydrating and uplifting melt-in mask is enriched with Triple Collagen, the brand’s exclusive anti-ageing ingredient, and La Foux Spring Water, famous for its pure quality and incredible moisture-replenishing properties. Refreshing menthol provides a genuine ‘Icy Wake Up’ effect that not only leaves your skin fresh, clear, and moisturised but also offers a long-lasting cooling sensation. The Special Mask tightens pores and refines the skin’s texture while rejuvenating and lifting congested skin.

The Nourishing Lip Treatment, £55, available at Harrods UK

Inspired by the skin-nourishing benefits of Japanese skincare, this product has a concentrated formula infused with Lip Volumizer Complex, Triple Collagen and medicinal Japanese oils, all renowned for their anti-ageing benefits and restorative properties.

The Night Moisturizer, £250, available at Harrods UK

Infusing the skin with hydration, this overnight repair cream invigorates the complexion and is designed to hydrate, protect, and revitalise the skin, while diminishing signs of ageing. Featuring Triple Collagen, the brand’s exclusive anti-ageing ingredient and enriched with refreshing and hydrating La Foux Spring Water, to help calm the skin.

The Rich Cream, £280, available at Harrods UK

This formula instantly replenishes moisture to fill in superficial lines and deep wrinkles, soothing sensitivity and restoring suppleness, radiance and vitality to the complexion. Brimming with ultra-nourishing and hydrating active ingredients, include Triple Collagen and La Foux Spring Water, it envelops skin in a protective and comforting veil.

To see the full range available at Harrods please click here

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