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November 28, 2020

Fancy working from paradise? Ambassador Dario Item welcomes luxury travellers and investors

Picture yourself under the warmth of the Caribbean sun. You are comfortably seated on a beach chair with a cold mojito just within reach. Your swimwear lets you feel the continuous ocean breeze that mimics the rhythm of a sweet lullaby. The turquoise waters of the sea sparkle with the glitter from the sun’s reflection. You scan the numerous tourists who have a look of certainty knowing they are in a safe place. The smile on your face stretches from ear to ear thinking, “My office is unbelievable!” A waiter approaches you with an entree of seafood that brings out the caveman appetite in you.

Luxury travel in Antigua and Barbuda

What if I told you this vision could absolutely be a reality? Antigua and Barbuda, the majestic Caribbean island, offers the world an opportunity to work from a paradise-like location. The country is famous for its magnificent beaches and ultra-calm lagoons, and its government is sharing this experience for potential residents who would like to work from any of their awe-inspiring beaches, there are 365 of them by the way.

Escape the boring and enjoy windsurfing in the pristine waters of its Nomad Residency programme.

Being a resident of Antigua and Barbuda

On average, acquiring residency status in another country is usually quite a daunting and gruelling process, not to mention extremely expensive. This is not the case with Antigua and Barbuda’s Nomad Digital Residence (NDR) programme. The programme is designed to streamline the process of granting special residency status to people from other countries. HE Dr Dario Item, Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to Spain, Liechtenstein, and Monaco is one of the most proactive advocates of the programme. “Our government has made it a point to make the process quick, easy and cost-effective”.

Ambassador Dario Item shares that it usually only takes a maximum of 14 days to have your application processed. The Immigration Department administers the NDR programme and is in charge of reviewing the applications.

You would only need to pass these simple requirements:

Name of applicant and dependent/s
Passport-size picture
Biodata page of passport/s
Proof of relationship with dependent/s
Proof of income not lower than £30,000 annually
Employment details (including self-employed)
Police certificate
Proof of valid medical insurance

Once you have complied with these requirements, all you must do is pay the application fees. Prices for the Nomad Residency programme application costs $1,500.00 for a single applicant, $2,000.00 for a couple, and US$3,000.00 for a family of three. An acknowledgement receipt will be sent to you before travelling to Antigua and Barbuda. This will be presented upon arrival to claim the visa for the qualifying period.

As if the awesome view of the Caribbean Island is not enough, the special residence status comes along with a lot of benefits.

First, is having the freedom to lease or rent facilities that would suit your living. This is perfect and hassle-free for applicants with families.

Luxury living in Antigua and Barbuda

Second, Antigua and Barbuda will not impose any additional income tax. You would practically earn the same amount from your place of origin only your location is much more beautiful and safer.

Next is that healthcare is one of the most emphasised sectors of the country. The island nation commendably controlled the pandemic’s spread and has one of the lowest numbers of infections in the world. St John’s Medical Centre is the state’s world-class hospital that has a 186-bed capacity with state-of-the-art-technology. It received a recent upgrade through the efforts of Ambassador Dario Item and his colleagues of the European Caucus of Antigua and Barbuda Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls.

Another benefit is that the special residency lasts for 2 years. Considering that the world is still healing and recovering from the lasting effects of the global pandemic, and experts say it would take a couple of years for things to return to normal, spending 2 years in the island paradise would be perfect.

Ambassador  Dario Item highlights all the benefits the country has to offer. Aside from the tourist destinations and mentioned benefits, he would like the potential residents to be immersed in the wonderful culture of the people of Antigua and Barbuda. He often says that the country may be small, but its citizens and residents have massive hearts.

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