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July 23, 2021

Find your island hopping freedom in Greece this summer

Escape with IYC on a charter around the Greek islands to discover seclusion, historical culture and a devastating beauty only matched by the clarity of its crystal blue waters.

Few places inspire like the alluring Greek Islands. Saturated in ancient legend, awash with secret coves and reaching ever new gastronomic heights, the plethora of islands are a charter mainstay among the yachting elite. From May 2021, Greece’s pine-covered hillsides and sandy beaches are reopening in time for a superyacht summer of island hopping adventure, and IYC’s fleet of thrilling charter yachts will leave you spoilt for choice.

Greece Santorini

The Cyclades is arguably the most famous of the island groups in the Aegean, and the star of its show is Santorini. Here, arresting sunsets and winding white-washed stucco buildings stand in stark contrast to sapphire blue skies and turquoise church domes. But it’s the mythological temples, terraces and sacred lakes scattered across the uninhabited island of Delos that brings the archipelago’s mythology to life. A trip to the Delos Archaeological Museum, only accessible by boat, will reveal historic exhibits and intricate antique mosaics.

The islands’ close proximity makes sailing between them in a single day easy. Recognized from afar by its landmark 16th-century windmills, Mykonos’ constant sea breeze makes it a sailor’s paradise. For those looking to enjoy world-renowned DJs yet avoid the seasonal crowds, Ios is where the younger generation now head. For downtime, the volcanic island of Milos is enveloped in a gleaming white lunar landscape and boasts over 40 exotic beaches. Laidback and off the beaten track, it offers colorful fishing villages and tavernas that serve mouth-watering delicacies pulled straight from the glistening sea.

Often described as Greece’s “Emerald Isles”, the Ionian Islands are where verdant green landscapes tumble down rugged, mountainous hillsides into the azure Ionian Sea. Drop anchor at Mandraki Harbor, a striking 15th century port on Corfu or head to Myrtos beach, one of the prettiest coves in the world located on Kefalonia, the largest island in the Ionian chain. Here, vast pine forests cloak the rugged limestone hiking trails where ten of the mountain peaks soar above 5,000 feet.

When exploration beckons Zakynthos, a nesting site for endangered logger head turtles won’t disappoint. Its iridescent blue caves are a snorkeler’s paradise. Nearby Ithaca, the birth place of Odysseus, offers artisanal boutiques and 2000-foot altitude views from the Monastery of Panagia Kamariotissa.

For something a little different, the Dodecanese islands boast a rich legacy founded upon Greek, Roman and Byzantine heritage. Merging robust gastronomic flavors with medieval churches and castles, this region goes against the tide of a typical Greek charter. On land, rock climbing enthusiasts should venture to Kalymnos. At sea, Leros offers an abundance of shipwreck scuba dives, including Queen Olga, one of the Greek Navy’s most legendary destroyers. For a wellness slant, the laidback island of Patmos, also known as the “Island of the apocalypse”, is famed for its spiritual vibe.

Welcoming back international visitors in May 2021, few places rival such charter diversity as the vibrant Greek islands. Escape with IYC and find your freedom on the seas with yacht charter Greece.

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Why explore Greece on a luxury yacht charter:

Endless stunning coastlines and beaches

Greece is home to 9,000 miles of coastline and more than 2,000 islands, of which only 170 are inhabited. There is no better way to explore the beauties of the Greek Islands and the coast of mainland Greece than on your own private yacht.

Easy island hopping

Sail between the islands of Greece on board, and several of the islands have airports and easy helicopter access, making it quite simple to meet your yacht. You can cruise between the islands to explore secluded beaches, experience each one’s unique local culture, and try different local products every day.

Glorious sunshine throughout the summer

Greece enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine a year and a typically Mediterranean climate with cool winters and warm to hot dry summers. The peak of the yacht charter season is during the summer months from June through August, however, May, September, and October are a wonderful time to visit the area by sea.

A rich cultural heritage

Greece’s incredible history spans four millennia and the country is referred to by many as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy, the Olympic Games, and Western philosophy. Begin or end your yacht charter exploring its historic cities and towns.

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