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January 14, 2021

Four Items to Create a Luxury Suitcase

There are certain times in life when it’s nice to think less about price and more about luxury. Travel is generally considered a treat but if you’ve booked your dream holiday, surely you should also think about splashing the cash a little on some luxury accessories for your trip too?

Turn heads while you’re travelling with a luxury luggage set

Whether you’re travelling for your honeymoon, an anniversary celebration, or taking that much-wanted trip of a lifetime, here are few ideas for luxury items you should consider taking with you. After all, that dream holiday surely deserves the ultimate travel pack.

Nothing makes a stronger style statement more than a luxury luggage set. If you want to turn heads at the baggage carousel, think about investing in some quality designer suitcases. You’ll not only protect your personal items, you’ll also ooze elegance on your travels.

For the best results, choose matching luggage pieces produced from the same materials and, ideally, in the same colours. Top brands like Louis Vuitton, Alfred Dunhill and Ralph Lauren all make branded luggage – though also don’t disregard the higher-end models produced by more traditional bag manufacturers like Samsonite, Victorinox and Tumi. Search online to get further baggage inspiration for your next trip.

If you’re taking a winter trip, don’t scrimp on ski/snowboard bags

Unfortunately, baggage handlers at airports aren’t exactly renowned for their care and attention with travellers’ luggage – particularly when it comes to heavier items like skis, snowboards or boot bags. Modern ski and snowboard sets can cost upwards of £1,000 and, while the equipment is relatively durable, it’s still remarkably easy to end up with bashed edges or damaged bindings through transit.

Rather than risking it and taking chances with your precious ski/snowboard gear (and potentially having to rent when you reach resort), invest in some quality, durable luggage bags to protect your gear.

Most skiers and snowboarders adapt their style to their particular set-up so there’s nothing worse than spending that precious time abroad riding unfamiliar equipment. Check the Outdoor Pursuits website for a run-down of quality luggage options.

Take time to plan your outfits

The majority of trips abroad only last a week or two, giving you the perfect opportunity to wow your fellow travellers each day and night with a planned outfit. Spend some time devising what you’re going to wear through your trip – and remember to dress appropriately for your destination(s) and any activities you might be doing. In particular, men can take their outfits to the next level with this handy guide.

Treat your legs to some luxury hosiery

When planning an outfit, most women think of the main items such as shoes and dresses but many often overlook the opportunity to make a statement with their legwear. If you want a fully coordinated look, spend some time searching online for luxury hosiery brands.

These days, tights and stockings come in a huge variety of styles, colours and patterns which can truly offset your main items of clothing and add a real sense of personality and panache. If you want to get a little bold, consider brighter colours or seams and patterns to make that ultimate style declaration.

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