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November 19, 2021

Give the gift of natural wine – no hangover this Christmas!

RAW WINE announces the launch of the wine lover’s ultimate dream: a case of low-intervention organic, biodynamic & natural wine handpicked by Isabelle Legeron.

RAW WINE, the world’s largest community of natural wine growers & makers, has launched the UK’s largest low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wine shop online. To celebrate this momentous occasion, RAW WINE has created a case of fine, natural wine handpicked by Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron, labelled ‘one of the wine world’s most powerful women’.

The RAW WINE Box is available online at £180 per case from RAW WINE. The recipient will receive six bottles including Fluence, Brut Nature by Champagne producer Franck Pascal; Theodora 2020 by iconic Austrian producer Gut Oggau; Varron, Chardonnay 2018 by Peggy Buronfosse in the Jura; Dinavolino 2020 by renowned Italian natural wine producer Giulio Armani; Hautes-Côtes de Nuits, Sous Le Mont 2014 by Burgundian, biodynamic producer Emmanuel Giboulot and La Pièce 2018 by Parlange & Illouz in Cahors, France. Accompanying the bottles are tasting notes and serving suggestions, including food matching tips, to help make the most of each of these unique drinks.

A huge advocate of organic farming practices and proper living wines, Isabelle doesn’t sit on the fence. For her, the world’s best wines are natural and are all she personally drinks. Isabelle Legeron, founder of RAW WINE, says: “We are thrilled to be launching the RAW WINE Christmas Box, a wonderful way to begin your collecting journey and discover RAW WINE’s unrivalled expertise in fine, natural wine. True natural wine like this accounts for a very small proportion of wine in the world and it is the purity of taste and ingredients that is celebrated in this delicious Christmas case made by growers who, year in, year out, produce exceptional natural wine.”

All the wines have low-levels of total sulphites (3 are completely sulphite-free), have been farmed organically (at a minimum) and are free of any other winemaking additives, processing aids or heavy manipulation in the cellar. They are all unfined and unfiltered. The result is exceptional, world class, natural wine. As Isabelle explains, “yes, we do have funky bottles available that could push even the most seasoned drinker well out of their comfort zone, but we have over 1000 references on offer – the most of any shop in the UK – and this also includes many older vintages as well as wines from classic regions like Burgundy and Bordeaux. Natural wine isn’t just a modern, trendy fad. It is what wine always was until the 70s/80s when most wine morphed into the mass-market, reproducible, scalable product it is today. The wines made by those in the RAW WINE community are not that. They are artisan drinks, grown & made in small quantities, without recourse to the arsenal of chemicals, additives and interventionist production technologies commonly used today.”

Here is a list of bubbles going into the Christmas bubbles pack, priced at £160 available from RAW WINE.

Christmas Bubbles

Champagne Franck Pascal, Fluence Brut Nature, Champagne, NV
Casa Coste Piane, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy, NV
Mas de la Basserola, Cava Brut, Catalonia, spain, 2016
Clos Lentiscus, Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature, Catalonia, Spain, 2016
1701, Franciacorta, Brut Nature, Lombardy, Italy, NV
Camillo Donati, Malvasia Secco, Emilia Romagna, Italy, 2019

W: Raw Wine is the bomb. As loved by Keira Knightley too.


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