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May 16, 2022

How Jewelry Brand Stores Can Go The Extra Mile With Security

Running a jewelry brand store is an exciting prospect as it offers lucrative earning opportunities. You meet and interact with elite clients, making it a glamorous business. But risks also abound in the landscape, and they are mainly about theft and pilferage. Since you deal with small yet precious commodities, you need to be extra conscious about safeguarding them. There is always a chance of a customer or employee walking out with pieces worth thousands if you take security for granted. The best way to address such a risk is by going the extra mile with security. Here are some tips to help.

Document your inventory

While every business should document its inventory, it is vital for jewelry brand stores as they deal in high-value items. It enables you to track your stock and find discrepancies sooner than later. Having a close watch on inventory goes a long way in preventing employee theft and pilferage. Maintain records of details like weights, sizes, and prices of items. Click photos of each piece and include them with the records.

Install surveillance systems

When handling products as precious as jewelry, you cannot rely on manual surveillance. High-end surveillance systems are a must-have for jewelry stores as you cannot afford to miss out on monitoring even for a single moment. Invest in high-definition CCTV cameras across all strategic locations on the shop floor. Having alarm systems in the store is equally crucial as it can save you from armed robberies.

Hire security personnel

Besides surveillance cameras and alarms, you must also have security personnel protecting your store. Armed guards dissuade robbers and thieves, but having an army of security people outside your store does not sound like a great idea. You can go the extra mile with in-store safety by having plain clothes security personnel on the shop floor. Knowing that guards are watching is enough to lower the risk of employee theft. At the same time, it reduces the chances of shoplifting incidents.

Be vigilant about your employees

Safeguarding your precious assets is also about having trustworthy employees on board. The best place to start is by performing proper background checks and screenings before hiring people. Also, limit access to expensive items unless you trust employees completely. Keeping a close watch on everyone in the team is crucial, no matter how honest they are. So you must have a process for checking employees when they enter and leave the store.

Practice caution at events and trade shows

Jewelry brands must practice caution beyond the retail store. The risk of theft and robbery runs high every time you travel with valuables and exhibit them at events and trade shows. You must do the extra bit for safety in transit and at the event venue. The best option is to have security personnel around at all times. Although you may not take along armed guards, having plain clothes personnel makes sense.

Jewelry brands have the additional responsibility for securing their precious stock. It is one thing you cannot afford to compromise with, so follow these steps to prevent incidents and address risks.

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