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March 8, 2021

How Vegas Treats the Real High Rollers

Back in 2007, esteemed British documentary maker Louis Theroux travelled to the bright lights of Vegas to uncover how the real high rollers are treated when they’re in town. It was one of our first and rare glimpses into how the big spenders were looked after in Vegas. In case you missed the documentary, here are some of the ways that high rollers get spoiled when they rock up at the best hotels and casinos.

Free Stays and Suite Upgrades

It’s a little peculiar that as soon as someone becomes super-rich, they no longer have to pay for lots of things. But that is exactly what happens when the big players stay in Vegas. The best Las Vegas hotels offer those that are willing to gamble a room on the house. But it isn’t just any room. They often receive complete access to the very best luxury suites, and some even come with private staff and butlers. And of course, there are lots of little extras along the way, such as free limousine usage, private jet connections and maybe a fine cigar or two.

Exclusive Gaming Tables

Sometimes high rollers don’t enjoy playing in the public eye, especially if the amount they gamble drums up a big crowd. They’d rather enjoy their gambling session without lots of eyeball on them and in a more relaxing environment. Vegas casinos recognise this and often provide exclusive areas and tables for high rollers to enjoy their gaming experience. The highest rollers get one-to-one dealers behind a red rope and don’t need to worry about the general public watching their every move.

Personal Casino Assistants

When a high roller is in the building, they get their own personal assistant to organise everything for them. They’ll be on call from the moment their chauffeur pulls up to the hotel door to mealtimes and, of course, manage gaming tables. Sometimes these people will even provide vouchers so that high rollers can play the games without risking any of their own money.

When Are You Classed as a High Roller?

Luxury Vegas casinos will class you as a high roller if you make an initial deposit of $10,000 or more. This will brand you as a Vegas whale or cheetah within the industry and get you some perks. However, to get the very best hotel rooms, you will be expected to gamble a lot more than this.

Why Do Casinos Treat High Rollers So Much?

You might be reading about free hotel suites, the best wines and even free casino chips and wonder why would they do this. Well, the casinos want the biggest gamblers to spend more time in their casino than any other casino on the strip. Although they might be showering them with freebies and value every time they are in town, the odds are still in the casino’s favour to make big money from them over multiple visits.

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