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July 5, 2020

Kojak’s New Bag – The Perfect Aesthetic

Talk about spinning straw into gold.

Egyptian designer Mohanad Kojak was never one to shy from new experiences. Ever since he began his fashion-design journey, Kojak has sort of been on a quest to find beauty in ugliness, to create elegant masterpieces out of everything, even waste and scraps.

We have seen him nail it on the Gouna Red Carpet when he collaborated with Up Fuse and designed a feather-like dress the stunning Rosaline El-Bay that was made completely out of plastic bags and another time with the beautiful actress Dorra’s shimmery dress, made entirely out of recycled Aquafina plastic bottles.

Now Kojak strikes once again and fascinates us with his all-new Kojak bag, the brand’s first bag, a limited edition with gorgeous handmade embroidery that elegantly decorates the bag and takes it to a whole new level. While the art of embroidery has been around for centuries now, it is more the art of the craft that distinguishes a striking design from another and the new Kojak bag is a great proof of that.

With a detachable golden chain, it can be worn as a handbag or a clutch depending on the style you are going for that day. The chain is also classily adorned with pearls and the bag itself is bejewelled with high-quality beads, pearls and sequins, arranged together in different ways to give you the colourful patterns you are seeing on the bag.

Written by Yara Gomaa for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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