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March 10, 2022

Latest Technological Innovations in Luxury Casino Resorts

Casino resorts are incentivized to offer the latest and greatest tech to their customers, since the luxury lifestyle is closely tied to innovations and breakthroughs in this arena.

In addition to exceeding the expectations of guests and outdoing competitors, these resorts are also embracing technologies so that they can adapt to the operational challenges they face in the modern world.

With that in mind, let’s reveal and revel in the most innovative solutions being deployed across luxury casino resorts right now.

Contactless in-room tech

With the rise of voice-controlled assistants in homes, it should be no surprise to see resort operators also applying this type of technology to their rooms.

Allowing guests to control things like the lighting levels, the in-room entertainment kit, the temperature and much more besides just using their voices is an obvious convenience.

But of course the rollout of touch-free tech goes much further than that, and essentially enables resorts to cater to customers who are concerned about the ongoing, ever-changing threat of the pandemic.

Eliminating the touch points that every guest would normally need to use means minimizing the risks associated with COVID.

It’s also a question of accessibility. Doing away with physical buttons makes staying at a resort easier for those with physical impairments, which is obviously a giant leap forward.

Mobile interactivity

Following on from the rise of contactless in-room tech, luxury casino resorts are also recognizing the role that smartphones play in the everyday experiences of their customers.

From providing exceptional Wi-Fi coverage, to enabling guests to unlock their doors using their smartphones rather than needing a separate key, there are a raft of conveniences that come with this move.

This does run the risk of making the rooms a more enjoyable place to be than elsewhere in the resort.

And with online gambling sites allowing anyone to step into the universe of Play’n GO casinos from their handset, you might think that resort operators are taking a risk in encouraging mobile use. However, the alternative is outright alienation of smartphone-obsessed guests, so it is a calculated choice.

Face detection & personalized services

One of the challenges that luxury casino resorts faced in the past was being able to provide top-level service for their most valuable customers without also making them feel like they are under observation 24/7.

Lots of people prefer not to have staff hovering around them at all times, and thankfully the deployment of facial recognition tech does away with this issue.

The comprehensive security camera systems that are found throughout all high end casinos, in combination with software solutions that can recognize millions of different faces in a matter of milliseconds, means that loyal customers and high rollers can be treated to exceptional service without this feeling overwhelming.

From digital gaming machines that are able to recognize players and offer them a personalized greeting when they sit down at them, to the provision of bespoke catering services to the exact location that the customer is occupying without the need for any other form of tracking, this tech is a real revelation.

Robotics & automation

Having adequate numbers of human employees on-site to meet the needs of customers is costly and organizationally complex for large casino resort operators.

This is particularly relevant in off-peak hours, when the demands of guests may be more sporadic, but expectations of fast, high quality service are still present.

Robotic solutions are stepping in to take some of the strain in a growing number of locations. For example, a number of resorts in Las Vegas and elsewhere now have automated robots which are capable not only of delivering room service orders to customers, but also of playing a part in the preparation of food and drinks as well.

While this type of technology might eventually be considered basic, right now it is entirely novel, as well as being a sign that the resort is investing in future-proofing its operations, which is what luxury casino customers want to see.

Wrapping up

There are certainly still a number of fundamentals of running a luxury casino resort which have not changed for decades.

However, it is equally important not to underestimate how impactful modern technologies are in this market.

A lot of the heavy lifting is going on behind the scenes, so customers might not even notice the changes that are taking place. Even so, they will definitely benefit from them, and thus operators will endeavor to offer them in abundance.

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