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July 9, 2022

Check Out These 9 Ways to Improve Your Libido!

Do you often find yourself making excuses for not having sex? Heating things up in the bedroom with realistic sex dolls and the American Real Love Sex Doll new positions does not work out? Low libido is something we all encounter at some point in life. But your relationship with your partner and overall life quality suffer greatly if this condition persists for a longer time.

This post is here with some possible reasons for low sex drive along with 9 proven ways to improve libido. Let’s get started!

What Causes Low Sex Drive?

There are various physical, emotional, and psychological reasons for low libido, including:-

Erectile Dysfunction

Once a man encounters erectile dysfunction, he becomes afraid to have sex. No one wants to embarrass himself and disappoint his sexual partner. That’s how erectile dysfunction triggers low sex drive and thus treatment for erectile.

Certain Health Conditions & Their Medications

Lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and chronic health conditions like cancer often cause low libido. Their medications are also known to cause sexual dysfunction.­­­

Psychological Issues

It is called being “in the mood” for a reason. You need to be in the right mental space to enjoy sex. Psychological problems such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, alcohol & drug addiction, etc., don’t let you be in the mood and lower your sexual drive.

Bodyweight Issues & Sedentary Lifestyle

Lifestyle affects sexual health, a sedentary lifestyle leads to low energy and mood. It also makes the person overweight leading to body image issues and low self-esteem. Guess all these factors add up to what! Low libido!


One more reason for the decline in libido is ageing. Hormonal changes, age-related health conditions, and obesity come along with ageing leaving you out of mood most of the time.

Apart from those mentioned earlier, there can be various other causes of you saying “not tonight” on most nights. Some of them include being busy, lacking sleep, relationship trouble, etc. Recognize your trigger and check out the next section to determine which treatment, therapy, or lifestyle change will help you increase your sex drive.

9 Tips on How to Improve Libido

These 9 are the time-tested ways through which you can revive your perishing libido. Check them out!

1. Boost Mental Health

If you have stress, anxiety, insomnia, or trauma, you may also develop difficulty maintaining an erection. Follow good mental health practices such as sleeping on time, following your hobby, meditation, and taking cognitive therapy sessions to manage your mental health. This way, your life quality will also improve along with your libido.

2. Work on Your Relationship

Your relationship being an old flame or misunderstanding is often the cause of low sex drive. Improve your relationship quality by participating in recreational activities together, clearing misconceptions with communication, and spending quality time with each other. In short, kick out your relationship’s monotony and emotional stress to enjoy sex together.

3. Enhance Your Foreplay

It is vital for the women to experience the stimulation of the clitoris to obtain orgasm. And your partner’s satisfaction and sexual desire affect your libido as well. So spend some time in foreplay and stimulating activities such as kissing, touching, and performing oral sex before the intercourse.

4. Take Medical Treatment

Sexual Dysfunction can be a cause of infertility as well. Consult your healthcare provider if you want to treat your sexual dysfunction with medication. It can work if low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, and other physical reasons are the culprits in your case.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep leads to a good mood and high energy levels. Also, you directly walk towards many health issues, including erectile dysfunction, if you are not getting enough time to sleep. Occasional episodes of poor sleep can be dealt with by maintaining good sleep hygiene. But special sleep conditions such as insomnia need medical help.

6. Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy and nutritious diet keeps you fit and diseases at bay. An overall healthy body can perform well during sex. An ideal diet includes whole grains, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, and lean portions. Eating this kind of balanced diet with all these components prevents you from health issues like obesity, heart diseases, and high blood pressure.

7. Be Active & Exercise Regularly

Being physically active all day keeps you in a good mood. It also helps in maintaining moderate body weight. It’s crucial to have a healthy body image to boost your self-esteem. This way, you are not stressed or anxious during your intimate moments and perform well.

8. Take Therapy

Sexual desires can be more complex than you can imagine. There are various factors involved; physical, emotional, & mental. Sometimes you can overcome physical barriers by improving your emotional and psychological responses. Try sex therapy and relationship counselling to treat your low libido.

9. Limit or Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes hamper your cardiovascular system leading to bad heart health. Without a healthy heart, your performance in sex can’t be at par. On the other hand, people who quit smoking experience improved libido and overall energy after the withdrawal period. So get rid of this habit for the sake of your sexual wellbeing.

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