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March 24, 2024

Luxuria Lifestyle interviews Jaume Alomar GM of Son Penya Mallorca

Jaume Alomar is the accomplished General Manager of Son Penya Hotel in Mallorca, renowned for his expertise in hospitality.

Here are 10 interview questions to delve into his experiences and insights:

Can you share key strategies you’ve used to ensure guest satisfaction at Son Penya Hotel?

Customer service and our commitment to provide the best possible service by adapting the hotel to the needs of the client gives us very high ratings and we want to continue along this path.

How does your team at Son Penya maintain environmental responsibilities in its operations?

We separate our waste and encourage recycling as much as possible. Our hotel tries to be self-sufficient in terms of energy and we have solar panels that guarantee us a self-production of around 50% of our needs.

What challenges have you faced in managing a luxury hotel in a competitive market like Mallorca?

Our challenge is to maintain a high level of quality at all levels. Taking care of the environment, offering an integral experience to our guests, including a restaurant that surprises, and with a 100% involvement of all our team.

As General Manager, how do you make sure there is a positive work environment among your staff?

We try to maintain a healthy environment with the possibility of growth within our hotel. As a small hotel chain we can offer growth when we see that our employees are looking for new challenges. We encourage companionship and as it is a hotel with only 21 rooms, collaboration is complete and everyone helps each other.

What forward-thinking technologies or practices have you introduced to streamline hotel operations and improve efficiency?

We have our own APP to inform our guests about everything the hotel has to offer.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and ensure that Son Penya Hotel remains ahead regarding guest experience?

We always keep our knowledge up to date, and we are always on the lookout for new ways to satisfy our customers. We also try to ensure that our repeater customers always find something new in their experience, bearing in mind that the most important thing at Son Penya is tranquillity and relax.

In your view, what unique selling points set Son Penya Hotel apart from other hotels in Mallorca?

As mentioned before, Son Penya is relax, tranquillity, silence, nature, excellent gastronomy and maximum attention to detail. This combination gives us a product that satisfies most of our clients.

Can you share a memorable success story or achievement during your employment at Son Penya Hotel that you are particularly proud of?

Every year we have improved our reputation in every online platform. This is due to the impressive work of our staff and maintaining the highest levels of quality in terms of accommodation, customer service, gastronomy, relaxation and spa, etc.

Have you been affected by unexpected challenges, such as COVID-19, and how do you maintain the hotel’s staying power and success?

Obviously. 2020 and 2021 seasons were very complicated at all levels, but we tried to keep the hotel open and allow our team to work most of the season.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about?

would like to thank Luxury Lifestyle for the possibility to promote our establishment and we are sure that every guest will visit us for the first time will be pleasantly surprised, as we will make sure that their experience will be memorable.

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T: +34 971 59 97 51
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