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April 17, 2024

Luxuria Lifestyle interviews Miha Sever Broker for Goolets Yachts

Meet Miha Sever, an esteemed broker for luxury yacht charter, representing Croatia’s premier yacht charter company, Goolets. With a passion for luxury travel and a keen eye for tailor-made experiences, Miha ensures unparalleled adventures on Croatia’s stunning waters.

What inspired you to pursue a career in yacht brokerage?

Growing up in Slovenia, just a stone’s throw from Croatia’s beautiful coast, I spent every summer by the sea. Watching those super luxurious yachts glide by, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. There’s something special about how elegantly they glide through the ocean. This early fascination led me to a career where I could be around these beautiful vessels all the time. It’s pretty much a dream come true, turning my childhood awe of the sea and yachts into my everyday.

Could you describe the unique offerings of luxury yacht charter with Goolets?

We created a special brand, called DS Yachts. The term “DS Yacht” refers to Dalmatico Super Yachts, a brand that represents a new approach to yachting. These yachts offer all the amenities and services expected from a superyacht but at more competitive prices. DS Yachts are part of the “Smart Yachting” movement, aimed at making yachting more affordable and environmentally conscious.

We’re unique in the market because we offer yachts that can take up to 20 or even 36 people and sometimes cost less than 80,000 EUR per week, with the VAT and fuel for cruising already included in the charter price.

How do you ensure each client receives a personalised experience?

At Goolets, we take personalized client experiences seriously, which is why we’ve set up a dedicated finalization and customer support team. Once clients book their dream yachting vacation with us, we assign them their concierge. These concierges are not just coordinators—they are experts in crafting bespoke itineraries that perfectly align with our client’s desires. They handle every detail, from organizing the daily schedule to ensuring the food and drinks are exactly to the guests’ tastes. They also arrange special activities and events, making sure everything runs smoothly. This level of personalized attention ensures that every yachting vacation we arrange is the best possible experience and we receive a high percentage of returning guests.

What sets Croatia apart as a top destination for luxury yacht charter?

Croatia is like a hidden gem for luxury yacht charters. Picture crystal-clear waters, gentle breezes on the calm Adriatic Sea, and countless secret bays waiting to be discovered. It’s a perfect blend of ancient towns and buzzing nightlife, all set against stunning natural landscapes.

Croatia’s islands are close together, unlike some other places like Greece. So, cruising times are shorter, and you have more flexibility with your itinerary. You can hop from one island to the next one without spending hours of cruising time.

How do you stay updated on industry trends and destination highlights?

I’m always in touch with various charter brokers from all around the world. I make an effort to participate in various yachting events while ensuring it doesn’t disrupt my workflow. I visited MEDYS (Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplio, Greece), TYBA (Gocek, Turkey), and the Monaco Yacht Show. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to add the Croatian Yacht Show, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, and the Antigua Yacht Show to my list.

You can also find me in Split, Croatia for most of the summer weekends, where I hop on and off various yachts.

What factors do you consider when matching clients with the perfect yacht?

Factors include the size of the group, the level of luxury desired, specific amenities (like water sports equipment), crew expertise, and the type of yacht preferred (sailing vs. motor). Understanding the client’s overall expectations for the journey is crucial. I like to have a call with my client before sending an actual proposal so I get to know their special wishes, group structure, group size, and potential past experiences.

What measures does Goolets take to prioritize safety and comfort?

Goolets prioritizes safety and comfort by ensuring that all yachts meet stringent safety standards, providing experienced and well-trained crews, and maintaining high-quality equipment. Regular inspections and compliance with international safety regulations are strictly adhered to.

Can you elaborate on the customisation options available for clients?

Customisation options range from dietary preferences to custom itineraries. The clients tell us all their allergies, diets, and food and drink preferences and we communicate everything with the chief stew and the chefs so the experience on board is always perfect.

We prepare a unique itinerary for every guest, ensuring that every moment is filled with excitement and wonder. From the moment you step aboard, we’re here to make your dreams a reality. We also help our clients with restaurant recommendations, extra water toys on board, special anniversaries, birthdays, wedding proposals and celebrations, fireworks, etc.

How do you envision the future of Goolets in Croatia?

Continue to grow the DS Yacht fleet by selectively adding luxurious and eco-friendly yachts. This targeted expansion should focus not just on increasing numbers but also on diversifying the types of yachts available, including options for different sizes and amenities that cater to varying client preferences.

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