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October 18, 2021

Luxury defined by Mouna Ayoub

What does luxury mean to you?

For me, it’s the ability to be comfortable at all times, whatever I’m doing. Most importantly, and thinking about today’s service economy, luxury is more about having the best service rather than any tangible item that stands out. A beautiful bed frame or cabinetry at a hotel is much less important than a concierge who facilitates magical experiences.

What do you look for in a luxury hotel?

Firstly, amenities with great concierge and housekeeping staff. Secondly, a spa with high-end services. And thirdly, a comfortable robe, slippers, and toiletries.

Do you prefer opulent luxury or barefoot luxury?

I prefer luxury surrounded by tasteful art. This could be opulent or minimalist, but the most important for me is art that invokes a positive emotion.

How do you think that luxury has changed over the past few years?

In the past, luxury was centred around dress and appearance, whereas today, it is much less about that and more about experiences. A trip to Antarctica, for example, has zero to do with looking good and more to do with feeling good.

What is so special about the Caribbean and Miami region?

It’s just so eclectic and diverse. You can overhear the people of Miami speaking any number of languages at any given time and it is this melting pot of cultures that gives Miami a distinctly different feel than oth-er high-end cities around the world. As it becomes more and more popular, its calibre of restaurants, shops, and accommodation gets increasingly better each year, which creates a positive feedback loop. With the addition of the performing arts centre, we can now attend Broadway shows, eat at the finest restaurants, visit museums, attend sporting events, and swim at the beach all year-round.

The Caribbean has some of the prettiest beaches and coastlines in the world. I love how the water is still relatively unspoiled compared to the Med and how it has such a rich sea life.

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