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January 5, 2021

Luxury in London – Some of the Best Places to Visit

Beyond a doubt, London is the most luxurious city in the UK. It attracts many famous names from the worlds of music, film, sport, and business. This means it’s packed with many of the globe’s super-rich all looking to enjoy themselves in the British capital.

To help keep them satisfied, many luxury-focused businesses have sprung up around the city offering everything from premium shopping experiences to fine dining.

This is great for anyone visiting (or living in) London who has a taste for the finer things in life, as they have a wealth of options right on their doorstep. Here are some of them.

Sky Garden

20 Fenchurch Street is an oddly-shaped skyscraper within the City of London that’s been nicknamed “The Walkie-Talkie Tower” because of its resemblance to the hand-held radio device.

Most of the building comprises office space, with 34 floors offering the convenience and prestige of being in the heart of London’s historic financial district and beautiful views over the capital.

The final three floors form what is known as the “Sky Garden”, a viewing deck, bar, and restaurant surrounded by a garden of tropical plants and water features.

As a condition of its construction, the viewing deck is open to the public for free, though guests much pre-register for the small number of tickets available each day, and go through a security screening process similar to what you’d find in an airport.

If you want to bypass these restrictions or to visit after 6 PM, you’ll need to dine or drink in one of its rooftop bars and restaurants. A number of fine-dining options are on offer, including the Fenchurch Brasserie which uses seasonal ingredients to create “innovative flavour combinations”.

They offer an experience that will excite all your senses, providing great views over the Thames while you enjoy the gastronomic delights on offer.

The Hippodrome

Leicester Square is the historic entertainment centre of the city and is most commonly known as the “West End”. It’s home to movie premieres and some of the world’s most prestigious plays and musicals.

Right in the heart of the West End is The Hippodrome, a building built during the reign of Queen Victoria. Its age is reflected in its architecture, with beautiful stone detailing, rows of flashing lights, and iron canopies.

The building has been used for many purposes over its 120-year lifespan, including as a theatre, circus, and prestigious night club.

Today, The Hippodrome is a casino that offers players a range of modern video slots and classic table options like the 400-year-old card game of blackjack. These can all be played among the beautiful interior that mixes modern styling with Victorian-era opulence.

The Hippodrome is also home to The Heliot Steakhouse, one of London’s best steak restaurants.

Fortnum & Mason

Most people thinking of luxury shopping in London will immediately think of Harrods. Of course, they’re not wrong, it’s seven floors of some of the finest products the city has to offer.

However, if you want to avoid the crowds of tourists that only go to browse or buy a small box of chocolates, then Fortnum & Mason is a better option.

The department store was first opened in 1707 and has served fine foods, specialist teas, and great wines ever since. It’s also a wide selection of quality homeware products covering everything from elegant teacups to afternoon tea stands. You’ll even find silver-lined straws for when you want to rid the world’s oceans of plastic in style.

You can also enjoy the luxury dining experience in-store thanks to Fortnum & Mason’s range of high-end restaurants. For example, The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon in its Piccadilly store serves afternoon and high tea. It was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II who visited the salon in 2012 to formally open it to the public.

There are few places in the capital (or the country for that matter) where you can have afternoon tea in a venue that also once hosted The Queen for the most English of traditions.

Fortnum & Mason has several stores across London, including Piccadilly, St Pancras, and The Royal Exchange.

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