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January 2, 2024

Mallucci London aesthetics by Dr Jana

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the superb services at Mallucci London. Mallucci is a newly opened aesthetics clinic that has quickly become a centre of excellence in the heart of the city. I value professionalism and expertise when it comes to aesthetic treatments, and as I’ve always said, due diligence is of the utmost importance when deciding who will carry out my aesthetic treatments. I must say that my experience with Dr Jana exceeded all of my expectations.

From the moment I stepped into Mallucci London, the ambience gave a sense of calm. The clinic’s modern and stylish decor immediately set the tone for a luxurious and comfortable experience. Dr Jana welcomed me and immediately gave me a sense of confidence, she set me at ease, especially following my extensive consultation.

My decision to undergo Botox and fillers at Mallucci London was influenced by the reputation of Dr Jana, a highly regarded professional with an extensive background in plastic surgery. Her credentials as both a practitioner and a plastic surgeon were reassuring, and I was confident that I was in capable hands.

Dr. Jana’s consultation was thorough and informative, demonstrating a genuine commitment to understanding my goals addressing any concerns I had and ensuring my expectations were reasonable. My main areas of concern where the deep nasal and marionette lines, as well as my dropped eyebrows. Her expertise shone through as she explained the procedures in detail, ensuring I completely understood what to expect during and after the treatments.

The actual treatment with Dr. Jana were a testament to her skill and precision. Her delicate touch and attention to detail were evident throughout the process, creating results that were both natural-looking and flattering. What stood out most was Dr. Jana’s ability to enhance my features while maintaining the harmony of my facial expressions – a true art form in the world of aesthetics. On a scale of one to ten, ten being very painful, I would say the ouch-factor was one, virtually painless, one or two tiny scratch-like feelings. The lack of pain and bruising was due mainly to the fact that Dr Jana used a diversion method of a vibrating tool and the use of a canular to administer the filler in my nasal and marionette lines. The filler has a little anaesthetic in it to reduce the discomfort to nil. The Botox was also completely painless and the entire treatment took less than 25 minutes.

Following the treatment my facial contours looked amazing, the deep nasal and marionette lines were virtually gone giving a more youthful and softer look. My lips had just a very small amount of filler to give a slightly more plump and softened appearance. The ‘sprinkling’ of Botox on my upper face began to work within a few days, my eyebrows gently lifted, the lines on my forehead gone and my crows feet no longer existed. Due to Dr Jana’s light touch I actually had no bruising at all, no downtime!

Post-treatment, the care and follow-up at Mallucci London were first-class. The staff ensured I had all the necessary information for aftercare, and if I feel a little more filler or Botox is needed two weeks after treatment I can return to discuss this. Two weeks later and the results are just perfect, no top-up needed!

Beyond the exceptional medical care, Mallucci London’s commitment to creating a holistic experience is apparent. The clinic’s dedication to client comfort and satisfaction is reflected in every detail, from the state-of-the-art facilities to the professionalism of the staff.

In conclusion, my experience at Mallucci London was nothing short of amazing. Dr Jana’s expertise, coupled with the clinic’s commitment to excellence, makes it a standout destination for anyone seeking first-class aesthetic treatments. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Jana at Mallucci London to those looking for a personalised, professional, and luxurious experience in the world of aesthetics.

It doesn’t take much to regain confidence when you feel  it’s lost due to the personal issues of ageing, but it does take an expert to ensure you receive the most precise and perfect treatment programme to best suit your needs.

A: Mallucci Mayfair 1 Hay Hill, London W1J 6AS
T:  020 3915 7400
W:Mallucci London

Written by Luxuria Lifestyle’s Global Editor Debbie Stone

Instagram / #Luxurialife