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January 14, 2021

Medical Career Paths if You Want a High-End Lifestyle

If you enjoy the finer and more luxurious things in life, there are many medical careers for you to consider. Working so that you can afford life’s luxuries is an achievement in itself, so finding a job that pays for those indulgences is a win-win situation. Looking for a medical career that allows you to pay your bills but also more? Here are the best career paths to consider in 2021.

Cosmetic Surgeon

Cosmetic surgeons earn big money in the private sector. Whilst wages in the NHS are capped depending on which tier your job falls in, once you head out into the private sector, there are no limits and your earnings will be linked to your brand. This gives celebrity plastic surgeons unlimited opportunities to earn money. The more high-profile your client base, the more money you can earn. If you choose to stay in the NHS you can expect to earn around £90k, but take on private clients, and your earnings will shoot up.


Who doesn’t want a perfect smile? helping others attain their dream smile can be profitable. Choosing to specialise as an orthodontist in the private sector is not only rewarding but it is also high paying and offers a lot of job growth and opportunity. Of course, as an orthodontist, you will be helping fix people’s smiles, which is not for everyone. But if this sounds like the perfect job for you, then there are flexible orthodontist courses designed for dentists looking to study for a new specialism on a flexible basis, such as this comprehensive orthodontic course offered by the London Dental Institute. Their online orthodontic courses are highly accessible so that you can become a leading orthodontist in no time.


Consultant cardiologists earn in excess of £100k a year if they work for the NHS but as ever, working in the private sector is a lot more lucrative. Heart surgery is a very specialised area, and heart surgeons are very much in demand. As you progress up the career ladder and become sought after as a consultant, chances are you may be asked to consult on wealthy or celebrity clients. This offers excellent scope for earning big money, which can help pay for a more luxurious lifestyle.


NHS psychologists are not the best-paid specialists, but it definitely pays to work in the private sector. Once you earn a reputation for being a specialist in your field, you can head up your own clinic and work with more affluent patients in need of mental health care, such as those suffering from burnout or depressive illnesses.

All medical specialisms above offer you the opportunity to earn a good wage, enjoy a rewarding career, and have a well-respected set of letters after your name. Whether you wish to become a well-known orthodontist or a heart surgeon, these careers can help you live a life of luxury if you move into the private sector and build up an affluent client base.

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