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September 7, 2020

NEV Spa & Wellness – a holistic luxury retreat

A retreat for the mind, body, and soul, NEV Spa & Wellness is a luxurious Egyptian brand with world-class standards. They provide you with a wide array of personalized spa treatments and holistic programs in a serene and soothing ambience for ultimate relaxation. With 10 years of experience in spa management, they are dedicated to delivering a worthwhile experience. Their highly-qualified team of international experts and practitioners deliver unrivalled services while maintaining first-rate international standards. Our goal is to build an ever-growing awareness of well-being and mindfulness among health-conscious communities.

Your body is your home, it is where you live permanently; and to improve the quality of your life, improving your lifestyle is vital. From here comes NEV Spa’s role as your lead to a healthier version of you. They strongly believe that the foundation of your health lies not only in your DNA, but also in the hands of trusted experts who help you alter your wellness.

NEV Spa & Wellness revitalizes you on all levels; from the inside out. They tailor their programs focusing on four main pillars for a better, healthier lifestyle.

The 4 main pillars are:

• Spa body treatments, massages, scrubs and facials

• Nutrition

• Holistic healing practices

• Awareness and self-development

NEV Spa & Wellness is your gateway to develop self-awareness and, connect with your inner self, and explore your spirituality. They encourage you to embrace who you are and they take you through the steps of fulfilling your needs. Through their holistic approach to wellness, not only do they revive you, but also awaken your immunity system enhancing your energy and creating inner balance.

Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt had the pleasure to visit NEV Spa & Wellness. Here is our team member’s review.

‘Your practical modern escape from city chaos!’ Being located in the busy and bustling city of Cairo, it is truly your haven as it promises to a rejuvenating and holistic spa experience. The spa has opened its doors and is ready once again to welcome back guests. It can be found in Cairo Festival City Mall in the Village.

Covid-19 Precautions

We understand how it can get a bit intimidating to hit the Spas once again post Covid-19 outbreak news and so we have decided to pay NEV Spa & wellness a visit and see what precautionary measures they have taken to make sure their guests are always safe, healthy and relaxed. To do so, they have adopted a one at a time policy, where only one guest can be using the facility at the same time. The spa is trying to avoid having guests crammed up in the changing or sauna rooms for their own safety and as a prevention measure against COVID-19.

Moreover, all surfaces are regularly sanitized between clients and treatments. Sanitizer dispensers are available everywhere, from on the counter at the reception to the sink, lounge and even massage room, for staff and guests as well to sanitize their hands. Stickers are placed on the floor to ensure staff and clients always keep a safe distance whenever in the same room.

Staff must strictly wear facemasks all the time even during treatments, as well as sanitize before and after.

Not to mention, NEV spa has an arrangement with Triumph hotel to take care of their laundry services, so you can rest assured that all towels and bathrobes are regularly washed and sanitized to make sure they remain clean, soft and safe for use again. Slippers, however, are disposable as well as any underwear garments provided by the spa.

The Experience

A very friendly receptionist welcomes you in and despite having to wear a mask you can clearly tell that there is a wide smile underneath that mask and that she’s happy to see you. If you are anything like me, that smile will put you in an uplifting mood before you even start, so thank you Basma for the burst of positive energy.

Afterwards, you are going to be asked to fill out a form. It’s a very simple form really intended to get to know you better if you have any preferences, allergies or injuries to look out for and tailor treatments to best suit you and give you a smooth and seamless experience. You fill it just once on your first visit. However, you can always change those preferences at any point during your next visit.

Next thing you are guided into a warm and aesthetically pleasing waiting area where you can treat yourself to a cup of tea or coffee or refresh yourself with a perfectly cool cup of detox water. The staff will then guide you to the changing room, the lockers there have plenty of space to store your valuables and hang or put away your clothes so you can get more comfortable in the bathrobe.

Staff is so friendly and professional always speaking in a highly soothing voice that will put you in an even more relaxed mood. I arrived a little early for my massage appointment so I followed the advice of my masseuse and went in the Sauna room for a little over 10 minutes as I was told it helps relieve some of the muscle tension and improve blood circulation. To be honest, I do not know what exactly happened, but it sure felt good.

They have all different types of massages that you can choose from as well as its intensity, light, medium or deep. So if you are looking to unwind and just relax you can go for a light massage or a deep massage if you are feeling tensed up and want to release all the tension from your body. If you are not sure which one to go for you can always ask for a medium massage and have a little of both worlds. I personally went for the deep massage because I felt like I really needed it. Probably the best choice I ever made. My masseuse Pensri was extremely professional, she has been doing this for over 10 years now and you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Try the NEV Spa Holistic Massage, that’s the one I tried, it is also known as their signature massage, where the trained masseuse would shift between deep and gentle strokes when necessary. It takes you on a revitalization journey of the mind, body and soul. It is more of a holistic therapeutic experience than just a massage. There are a variety of oils to choose from such as Lavender, Jasmine and Sweet Almond oils. The masseuse gently covers your body with aromatic hot oils and goes over it with hot stones that help penetrate and soothe your muscles and body, helping you reach a clear state of mind and allowing energy to flow through your body.

Among the spa’s other services are facial treatments and scrubs such as the Moroccan and Turkish baths and coffee and milk scrub that use only premium natural ingredients guaranteed to make your skin glow. The Spa also has a steam room and Jacuzzi and a Kids’ room that is both safe and sanitized a nanny available at all times to look after your kids and keep them entertained while you enjoy your spa stay.

More than just Massages

The Spa also has this gorgeous outdoor Terrace where you can just lay down and enjoy the serene environment and stillness around you. They also have a cosy yoga studio that allows for just enough natural daylight to light up the room. Mats are regularly sanitized before and after classes as a Covid-19 prevention measure.

Nev Spa recognizes the significance of personal skills and the importance of investing in your own wellbeing and so they hold self-development sessions and group discussions in an effort to raise awareness about the topic. You can find all the available Yoga classes and Workshop schedules online on their website as well as all the information on their spa services and amenities. You can also call them at (+20) 010 9100 0503 or email them at [email protected] or if you are a social media person like me, you can keep track on all their latest news and offers on their Instagram or Facebook pages.

A:   Cairo Festival City Mall, Unit 1-160 Village next to “Eatery Restaurant”
T:   (+20) 2 2616 8265 
M:  (+20) 010 9100 0503
E:  Information
W: NEV Spa & Wellness

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Written by Yara Gomaa for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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