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March 1, 2022

Pho Mo – Your Vietnamese Restaurant at home

PHOMO deliver everything for a fresh, healthy and delicious taste of Vietnam, ready in under 10 minutes. A deep flavoursome broth paired with silky noodles, your choice of protein and garnishings bring out the zing, tang, crunch and heat. Chop, slice, dice, and tear to your liking and dig in – spoon, fork, chopsticks, or just drink from the bowl. PHOMO is all about your enjoyment and your pho experience.


Pho makes all of their meals from scratch using locally sourced ingredients so everyone is a little different. No preservatives or nasties.


PHOMO super simple and fast. No need for a whole store cupboard of ingredients to make a simple dish. They boiled everything down to its soulful essence – you finish it off your way.

Feel good

Delicious tasting and healthy food – they’ve got you covered! All of the kits are under 500 calories and gluten-free. And with their customisable bowls, you can add in, or leave out, what YOU want.

This is how it works

First choose your menu, pick from the classic meal kits, sauces and sides. All kits come with everything you need for a complete meal.

Second, pick your delivery day, up to three weeks in advance, or order before 10 am for next-day delivery.

And lastly, ready in 10 minutes, cook your noodles and protein, chop your garnishes, heat your broth and enjoy!

PHOMO uses products tested at local farmer’s markets, so all ingredients are sourced locally to be as fresh as possible.

PHOMO also won a “Great Taste” Gold Star by the Guild of Fine Foods in September 2021. Great feedback led to the national launch via website in March 2021 and has been featured in some well-known publications such as GQ, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Hello, and Vanity Fair.

There is a constantly evolving menu and the products have a 3-day shelf life, there is also the option of a one-off purchase, but there are also subscription choices.

To take care of the planet and people the packaging is 100% recyclable and are in the process of doing an equity raise, which will give Pho the funds to turbo-charge growth to the next level.

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