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September 9, 2021

Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels – How To Make The Right Choice

Are you visiting a new place for vacation or work? If yes, ditch the idea of booking a hotel room and choose a serviced apartment instead. Serviced apartments speak of luxury, comfort, and lavishness in all senses. They have become the best accommodation decision for many people, especially for those who travel in big groups. You can find the best serviced apartments anywhere in the world and book them for your comfortable stay for as long as you want.

So, what makes serviced apartments more popular than the hotels in the present era? Here are the differences between the two and why booking a serviced apartment makes a good decision:

There is room for flexibility

When you book a serviced apartment for yourself and your group, there is always big room flexibility. The vital point of difference between a hotel room and serviced apartment is flexibility in terms of space. Living in a hotel room gives you limited space and control over everything. But when you book a serviced apartment, you can access any corner of the space throughout your entire stay.

For instance, if you are traveling to San Jose and have booked from the serviced apartments in San Jose, CA, you can enjoy living in the whole apartment without sharing it with a third party.

Absence of logistical hassles

Another reason why serviced apartments make a favorable choice over hotel rooms is they do not entertain logistical hassles in terms of the ease of booking. Today, booking a serviced apartment has become a piece of cake.

You can book a serviced apartment online from a third-party website and explore the conditions and amenities of the apartment. You can also take an online tour of the apartment or speak with the owner about the location, facilities, rent, and other things. The convenience of booking them is useful during the peak holiday season.

Full of variety

Another factor that makes serviced apartments superior to a hotel room is that you can choose from several options. There are different categories of apartments to choose from. All you need to check is if they live up to your convenience needs.

You can find serviced apartments ranging from a modest 1 BHK to extravagant ones with 2-3 rooms, fitness studio, lounge area, etc.

A pocket-friendly approach for a long stay

Staying in a hotel for a long time may cost you a fortune. Thus, if you want to save money and experience a comfortable stay, book a serviced apartment over a hotel room. The rent of a serviced apartment is much cheaper than that of a hotel.

Moreover, you can enjoy most amenities in a serviced apartment by paying a pocket-friendly price. A majority of apartments extend amenities like separate kitchen, laundry, housekeeping, television, Wi-Fi, air-conditioned rooms, etc.

Pet-friendly options to choose from

You do not have to worry about isolating your pets back in your home and vacationing in a new place. Many serviced apartments are pet-friendly. You can bring along your pets and stay happy with them for as long as you want. However, be prepared to pay a small amount for the extra cleaning that may be required at the end of your stay.

It is good to talk to the service provider about this facility and then book your serviced apartment accordingly to avoid any last-moment interruption.


Serviced apartments are full of home comforts. Staying in an apartment during your vacation is like living in a home away from home. If you like the concept of living in such accommodation, it is a good idea to find the leads right away and book the most suitable serviced apartment.

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