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June 14, 2020

Sustainable Luxury clothes by the one and only ‘MIX AND MATCH’

Today’s fast fashion is so short-lived and wears out so quickly that visitors will be amazed that the centuries sold Egyptian textiles on show here have not only survived but often have retained their radiant colours as well. It is the dry sands of the desert that we have to thank for their preservation. There, raiment made of fragile organic fibres such as wool, silk and linen were protected against moisture and light and so withstood the ravages of time. That so many of them survived also has to do with the burial customs of the period. After the third century, Egypt’s dead were no longer embalmed and mummified but instead were buried in their clothes. Often, they were dressed in several garments, one on top of the other, and it is these items that archaeologists unearthed centuries later.

From this idea, MIX AND MATCH developed their own business in producing clothes with a vision to produce high-end, unique everyday fashion made by Egyptians utilizing High-quality resources. Only organic and natural yarns such as linens are used and they are manufactured, dyed, and treated in Egypt. You’ve probably heard the pitch on linen as it breathes easier and dries more quickly than cotton, so it keeps you cool when it’s hot. It’s like nature’s technical apparel. Mix and Match draw from traditional ethnic clothes and gives them the spirit of contemporary designs, where each collection is inspired by a different aspect. Since 1985, MIX AND MATCH have been following the brand’s initial vision; to create timeless, eco-friendly, beautiful, and unique clothes made from 100% natural cotton and linen in Egypt, while collaborating with local artisans and craftsmen.

The designers in MIX AND MATCH are searching for the inspiration for each season, they take care on details as silhouettes, colour schemes, prints, embroideries, weaves, and other such techniques to elements of our own traditional wear to develop the collection. Thus, ethnic and local features of garments are combined to form functional lifestyle wear, accented with prints, embroideries, and or designs to create unique pieces that stand out. A wide selection of colours is used that can be mixed and matched together in a manner fitting to the modern woman in a very sustainable way.

MIX AND MATCH took part in the 8th Creative Industry Summit and has been the first Egyptian clothing brand to officially dress Sophia The Robot. The reason behind choosing MIX AND MATCH as the brand by robot Sophia as it’s the first sustainable luxury brand in Egypt and is supporting sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Written by Rewan Ammar for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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