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October 11, 2022

Terranam Wellness Retreat gives you permission to pause

Opened in the summer of 2022 this is the perfect place to visit if you want to reset, disconnect and renew. It has everything you need to achieve your goals.

You can relax your body with yoga and massages or nurture your soul and mind in the calm setting of mountains or sea views with white sandy beaches along with delicious healthy meals that will uplift your spirit. You won’t want to leave, trust me on this one. Terranam has created the perfect place for slowing down, enjoying nature and just feeling good. A slower pace is what we all need every now and again.

Terranam Wellness Retreat is located on the beautiful coast of Galicia, Spain, sitting on a quiet oasis of the inner tip of Ria De Arousa. Galicia is known for its extensive green forests, natural and wild beaches and even boasts cliffside lighthouses. If you love to hike and explore new surroundings Terranam provides the perfect escape. When other parts of Spain have hot temperatures, Galicia attracts people who enjoy the cooler temperatures it has to offer.

One of the fun parts of the retreat was to explore these beautiful surroundings. On our first day we hiked to the Secret Lagoon, now you know why it’s a secret! It’s not something you want to miss as it’s a truly magical and stunning place to visit. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the place; it really is the perfect place to take a breather, focus on meditation and enjoy the calming environment created here, not to mention the views of the entire bay.

We explored more the following day by hiking around the island beach, and if the rest of the island is as beautiful as the secret lagoon we won’t be surprised. To drive would take just under thirty minutes but to hike its around 2.0 hr.

So, whether you choose to explore the island or just lie on the sandy beach enjoying the sun, or swim, all are fantastic. If you are lucky enough to have a longer stay than four days you would be able to explore more, including waterfalls. Terranam will keep you surprised!

We were taken on a sound healing journey that is so fantastic! The converted chapel on the property is where you’ll spend quite a while. Aligning your chakras and where you may bring in the inner darkness, or you could feel the physical tingling all over your body. With the sound of Tibetan drums, gongs and bowls creating vibrations within the body. This certainly woke me up in the middle of the session bringing the inner darkness, although on returning back to the lying position I could feel my chakras during this ritual. This is something very unique as with my deafness I am unable to hear specific sounds so this was something that I haven’t experienced before.

With another yoga session in the evening to unwind after a day of activities and on the last night of our stay, our yoga session was followed by a fabulous treat. Dinner was a feast served in the traditional Galician way. Some typical dishes are octopus or scallops, local cheese and lots of local wine. You’ll be taken through an ancient spellbinding tradition, but I think you need to come here to find out more as it is something you most certainly wouldn’t expect.

Think of a self-proclaimed witch who will welcome you all to the ritual. We watch as he brews up a spell and followed by the traditional drink ‘Queimada’ which is a Galician Celtic ritual to ward off evil spirits, you’ll now be protected from them. Queimada is made with coffee, lemon peel, and alcoholic spirit which I can promise you besides being tasty will definitely give you a good night’s sleep! Stepping out of the ceremony and looking up at the stars in the sky is magical.

What can I tell you about Terranam Wellness, Maria tells me that we’ll be arriving at the retreat as guests but leaving as friends. I can tell you that she is right, Maria is the wonderful owner of Terranam. She cares about you and about wellness. She isn’t just an owner; she is also a friend who we can talk to about anything. She allows herself to connect with you inside and out. Along with Roger, and Javier the co-manager who immediately make you feel at ease I allowed myself to feel at home. The experience is unique with a lasting memory of kindness, warm energy and joy.

A: C, Devesa, 22, 36612 Catoira, Pontevedra, Spain
T: +34 986 59 92 80
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Written by India Morse for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International

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