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January 21, 2021

The growing popularity of black diamond rings

Internal imperfections in gemstones, known as inclusions, are generally undesirable and reduce a stone’s value. However, the one exception is the black diamond. Natural black diamonds get their color from the large number of minerals like graphite, hematite, and pyrite, trapped inside the stone. Not long ago, black diamond rings were anything but popular. However, in recent years, their distinctive appearance and beautiful unusualness have made black diamond rings an increasingly popular fashion trend.

Celebrity Endorsers

Black diamond rings saw a spike in popularity after the release of the 2010 movie Sex and the City 2. Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is known for being a trendsetter and fashion icon, so it is no wonder that women all over the world were soon demanding black diamond engagement rings after Mr. Big proposed to Carrie with one. The ring in the film was crafted from white gold and featured a five-carat black diamond with a white diamond halo, accented with eighty pave-set diamonds. Mr. Big’s explanation for choosing that ring was Carrie was “not like anyone else.”

It is not only famous fictional characters that adore captivating black diamond rings. Plenty of celebrities have also flashed black diamonds on their fingers. For example, in 2008, before Sex and the City 2 was released, musician Rob Patterson proposed to Baywatch star Carmen Electra with a stunning black diamond ring worth around $100,000.

90201-star Shenae Grimes was also given a black diamond engagement ring when her boyfriend, British musician, and model Josh Beech, popped the question. And another Beverly Hills 90210 star, Jennie Garth, was also the recipient of a black diamond engagement ring, encircled with white diamonds and pave-set on a gold band, when actor David Abrams proposed to her in 2015. Other notable celebrities that have been spotted sporting beautiful black diamond rings include Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose Byrne, Blake Lively, Kat Von D, Lance Bass, and Christina McLarty. And Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees is known for wearing a black diamond chain on a daily basis.

Black Diamond Meanings

Celebrities certainly helped to make black diamond rings become more popular, but not every wearer of black diamonds is trying to emulate famous stars. The stone’s unique and classy appearance is a big pull for many, and like other gemstones, black diamonds have their own special meanings. All types of diamonds are associated with love, innocence, faithfulness, and purity. But black diamonds are also associated with charisma, power, originality, and creativity; and black diamond engagement rings are associated with passion. People who identify with such attributes are drawn to the deep, dark tone of black diamond jewelry.

The Best Settings for Black Diamond Rings

Like other gemstone rings, black diamond rings can appear even more luxurious and beautiful depending on how they are set. For black diamond engagement rings, the two most popular settings are halo settings and solitaire settings. The former provides a gorgeous white backdrop that makes the deep black of the diamond really stand out, while the latter lets the deluxe beauty of the black diamond take full focus.

The Advantages of Black Diamond Rings

The incredible uniqueness of black diamonds is one reason why they have become so popular in recent years, but they have other advantages besides their alluring beauty. One big advantage is they can cost thousands of dollars less than white diamonds. While black diamonds are rarer, they are still nowhere near as popular as white diamonds. Hence, black diamond rings are more affordable. That means you can select a much larger stone to set in your ring in comparison to a white diamond ring. Black diamonds also have the advantages of other diamonds, in that they are robust and durable, making them ideal for everyday wear.

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