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April 21, 2023

The role and tasks of the SMM manager in contemporary marketing

What is SMM-manager and what tasks he performs? How does SMM strategy help to promote the brand in social networks and what skills are necessary for successful work in this field?

What SMM Manager Does

SMM manager means Social Media Manager. What is a media manager? This social media specialist creates, implements, and manages social media strategies for brands, companies, or organizations. They are responsible for attracting and retaining audiences on social media, boosting brand awareness, and increasing conversions. An SMM manager knows marketing, psychology, design, and analytics and can react quickly to social media changes and adapt strategies to achieve business goals.

What Is An SMM Strategy?

SMM strategy is a plan of action on social media, which the SMM manager develops to achieve the company’s business goals. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of developing an SMM strategy; here are just the key points:

It helps to determine what goals the company wants to achieve in social networks. For example, it could increase brand awareness, attract new customers, increase sales or establish customer loyalty.

It helps determine what the company’s target audience is on social media. That enables the SMM manager to create content and use the proper channels to reach the target audience.

It helps to choose the right social networks to work with based on the company’s goals and the target audience’s characteristics.

It defines the types of content that will be created and shared on social media. This enables the creation of high-quality and targeted content that will attract the audience’s attention.

It evaluates social media performance, so the SMM manager can analyze the effectiveness and change the strategy to achieve better results.

SMM strategy is an integral part of marketing. It enables a company to work more efficiently and achieve its goals in the media. With a strategy, a company can save time and resources by making random attempts to succeed in social media. Hence, developing and using an SMM strategy is essential to successful brand promotion. You can learn more about this area of marketing here.

The result of any SMM strategy is to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, establish loyalty and increase sales. Here are the main stages of development and implementation of the SMM strategy:

Assessment of the current market situation, analysis of competitors, identifying the target audience, research customer needs.

Defining objectives
Definition of the goals and objectives to be achieved by the SMM strategy
Choice of social networks
Definition of social networks where the brand activity will be conducted
Developing content strategy
Definition of the content types that will be created and distributed in the social networks
Creating a content plan
Developing a content plan for the week, month, or quarter
Creating a posting schedule
Development of a posting schedule that shows when and what social networks content will be published on
Creation of advertising campaigns
Development of advertising campaigns that will be aimed at attracting new customers and boosting sales
Monitoring and analysis

Monitoring and analysis of SMM strategy effectiveness, identifying success, and making adjustments to the strategy to achieve better results.

Each stage is an integral part of the development of an SMM strategy. Once the strategy has been developed, it must be put into practice, its effectiveness must be monitored, and adjustments should be made to changes in the market situation and the target audience’s behavior.

How An SMM Manager Works

Let’s take a closer look at the work of an SMM manager based on the example of the promotion of an online casino with a free signup bonus real money USA:

Situation analysis. The SMM manager analyzes the online casino market, examines potential competitors, determines trends in the industry, and identifies the target audience.

Determination of goals. Based on the situation analysis, the SMM manager determines the goals of promoting the online casino in social networks. These goals include increasing the number of subscribers, boosting site traffic, growing new player registrations, and increasing sales.

Selection of social networks. The SMM specialist chooses the social networks that will be used to promote the online casino. For example, it can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Development of a content strategy. The SMM manager determines the types of content that will be created and published on social networks. This can be various promotions, contests, quizzes, game reviews, and other materials.

It is creating a content plan. The SMM manager develops a content plan for the month and defines the topics and formats of publications that will be used to achieve the goals.

Creation of advertising campaigns. SMM manager creates advertising campaigns, which are aimed at attracting new players to online casinos.

Monitoring and analysis. The SMM manager monitors promotion effectiveness in social networks, analyzes data, and adjusts the strategy to achieve better results.

Examples of social media posts to promote online casinos might include:

Ads of promotions, contests, free bonus casino games, and quizzes are held at online casinos.

Reviews of games and stories about new products and trends in the world of gambling.

Publications with a call to action, such as a request to register at an online casino or to make a deposit.

Information about winnings at online casinos and testimonials from happy customers.

Publications using hashtags to help attract new users.

Video game reviews, gameplay demos, casino no deposit bonus USA and interviews with professional players(For example, online casinos for USA players can be found in the list by SlotsUp team Information about the safety of online casino games and methods to protect user data.

You can see an example of a portal with competent SMM promotion on the example of Planet 7 casino review; all information is reviewed by Slotsup experts from reputable sources. It is important to note that online casino promotion in social networks may have some restrictions related to gambling legislation”

How To Become An SMM Manager

If you want to become an SMM manager, there are several ways to do it:

Training in educational institutions. Today, many universities and private educational institutions offer SMM training courses and programs. This can be a stand-alone course and part of a marketing training program.

Online courses. Many online courses and master classes in SMM enable users to learn the basic principles of working in social networks, learn to create content, and work with analytics, etc.

Self-study. You can start learning SMM on your own by reading books, articles, and blogs and participating in webinars and master classes. This may take more time, but it’s a more affordable option.

Work experience. You can start working as an assistant SMM manager or volunteer at a social media promotion organization. This will provide hands-on experience and train you to work on real projects.

An SMM manager needs many skills to successfully manage social media channels and effectively promote a brand online. Here are some of the top skills an SMM manager should have:

Copywriting – the ability to write marketing texts and create content that attracts attention and maintains the audience’s interest. Read more details¬†here.

Design – knowledge of the fundamentals and the ability to create attractive graphic content that fits the brand.

Analytics – the ability to analyze data, measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and build strategies based on the results.

Communication – the ability to communicate effectively with the audience, manage the community, solve problems, and answer user questions.

Campaign planning and management – creating and launching social media campaigns, setting up targeting, managing budgets, and measuring effectiveness.

Teamwork skills – collaborating effectively with other team members such as designers, copywriters, analysts, and executives.

Planning and time management skills – organizing your time and priorities to complete all tasks on time.

Language skills – good knowledge of the language used to promote the brand, create high-quality content, and communicate effectively with the audience.

Some skills can be acquired without assistance, while others require professional training. In any case, SMM managers must continuously develop their skills and keep up with new trends in the social media world. This will help them maintain a competitive edge and effectively promote the brand on social media.

In addition, an SMM manager should be creative, proactive, and able to react quickly to trends and audience behavior changes. They must be willing to constantly learn, test and optimize their strategies to achieve maximum results.

To summarize, a successful SMM manager should be prepared because online media consultant jobs will require high responsibility, creative thinking, analytical skills, and teamwork. If you are interested in a career as an SMM manager, start by gaining knowledge and experience in social media and constantly improving your skills to become competitive in the job market.

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