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January 15, 2024

The Top Destinations For Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays are a fantastic way to explore new places, meet new people and get off the beaten track, all whilst staying active and seeing the world at your own pace. Here are four of the top global destinations for your next cycling vacation.


If you’re thinking of going on a cycling tour in Europe, Mallorca is an ideal destination. A popular spot amongst holidaymakers of all kinds, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic islands and has the perfect mix of simple and challenging terrain for those looking to cycle their way through.

The warm climate, quiet mountain roads and beautiful views make cycling the perfect way to explore the island, and Mallorca has become world-renowned as a tourist hotspot for cyclists. Peak cycling season is in April, when the Mallorca 312 takes place, but cyclists can enjoy Mallorca all year round thanks to its average of 300 days of sunshine per year!


If you’re looking for a greener backdrop for your cycling vacation, then Vancouver’s north shore will fit the bill nicely. Its temperate climate allows for biking all year round and there are designated bike lanes throughout the city as well as forest trails for mountain bikers.

For a fairly flat route that will allow you to explore the city, taking in its culture as well as beautiful views, you can follow the newly-completed sea wall from downtown Vancouver to the sandy beaches of Spanish Banks.


A hotspot amongst professional cyclists, the Spanish city of Girona is best for a cycling holiday in spring or fall when the temperature peaks at around 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only rains on a handful of days. If you’re visiting during the summer months, be aware that temperatures can reach as high as 86℉, and traffic on the roads is much busier due to the increased tourist traffic.

The Old Town of Girona is a cycling hub where you’ll find cycling shops, cafés and bars frequented by cyclists. Popular routes include Rocacorba, which offers stunning views of the Pyrénées and Els Angels, a twisty route through a beautiful forest.

Cape Town

Cycling enthusiasts will want to pay a visit to South Africa’s Cape Town, home to a growing number of bike lanes, as well as many mountain-biking trails, and some of the continent’s biggest cycle races.

You can rent a bike or bring your own and make your own way around the capital or join one of the many cycling tours on offer. Mountain bike trails are also available in Tokai Forest and Table Mountain. Cape Town even hosts a dedicated cycling festival every year, alongside the Cape Town Cycle Tour, which is held in March and is the biggest timed bicycle race in the world.

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