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March 13, 2023

The UK’s only Professor of Aesthetic Medicine launches Total Face Refresh

Celebrities and royalty call on the services of Professor Ali Ghanem, Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide’s winner for ‘Best Total Facial Rejuvenation’ for his unparalleled aesthetic treatments. In 2022, he was nominated by his patients and was awarded FashionTV’s World Excellence Award for his aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, acknowledging not only his contribution to the beauty industry as the aesthetic surgeon of the stars but also his philanthropic work advancing beauty and aesthetic outcomes for victims of wars and child malformation.

Now, Professor Ghanem, who has a reputation for being one of the world’s go-to authorities in facial rejuvenation, has launched his signature Total Face Refresh. This bespoke protocol draws on a suite of facial treatments which can include energy-based technologies, injectables, stem cell enriched fat transfers, laser treatments, radio-frequency, and electromagnetic energy devices, any of which can be performed in combination with surgical procedures, plus the latest in the field of regenerative medicine – many pioneered by the Professor himself.

At the heart of every Total Face Refresh are Professor Ghanem’s Three Pillars of Facial Beauty: “The three core issues I consider when reviewing every patient are volume responsible for face contour, laxity for definition and surface for its radiance,” he says. “Targeting these elements in parallel helps create or restore facial harmony; if you only address single features in isolation, the outcome is likely to lead to an unbalanced and discordant appearance.”

Professor Ghanem explains further:

Volume: Volume loss has a major impact on facial ageing: Bone, muscle, fat, collagen, and elastin are integral components of our face volume and gives its shape and structure. All evolve and constantly change throughout our lives. Typically, from our early forties, we may begin to notice the ageing signs resulting from volume loss such as the flattening of our cheeks, hollowing under our eyes, deeper smile lines, and the start of irregularities at the jawline because it has lost the support of both fat and collagen of the skin.

Laxity: It is in our fifties and sixties that we notice more significant sagging to our face skin, especially in outer sides of our brows, smile lines and mouth corners. Weakened by the loss of skin collagen and elastin mentioned above, loss of fat pads and bone in the brow, temple, cheekbones, and jaw. This combination of reduced skin elasticity and loss of volume means our skin sags further, creating more significant wrinkles, droopy eyelids, under-eye bags, jowls and sagging of the neck.

Surface: Our collagen stores start to deplete in our late twenties. This causes the skin to lose its smooth texture and radiance. It will show the signs of sun damage, can develop a crêpey texture, and can be affected by pigmentation and blood vessels issues such as age spots and thread veins.

Professor Ghanem’s approach to his work is informed by his humanitarian and spiritual ethos, which stems from his upbringing in historical Damascus, his faith and his work carrying out complex war injury reconstructive plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery in both developing countries and the NHS.

“The face is our identity and the main tool of human communication,” says Professor Ghanem, founder and lead of the first university masters programme in aesthetic medicine and currently the only Professor of Facial Aesthetics in the UK. “It is part of our body most exposed to the elements and not only communicates our core emotions but also gives impressions, stigma and context of many of our human encounters. Therefore, our facial appearance greatly affects our emotional and psychological well-being and also plays a huge role in shaping our self-esteem and confidence”

“When the face is affected by injury, disease, or even signs of ageing to a degree that brings stigma or emotional burden, we need to take an all-inclusive approach to restore its harmony,” says Professor Ghanem. “The face, despite its complex varied components such as the nose, mouth and eyes, functions and ages as one dynamic unit rather than as a group of isolated and independent parts. This is true from the surface of the skin all the way through the deep structures and underlying tissues beneath the skin”

“Be it in London, in war zones or in low and middle-income countries missions, my holistic approach to facial rejuvenation always begins with me building a relationship with each patient to develop a deep understanding about who they are and why they have sought treatment,.” says Professor Ghanem, whose practice extends from his elegant clinic in the Harley Street Medical district of London to philanthropic missions at the front lines in Libya, Lebanon, and Syria all the way to various facial reconstructive workshops in South East Asia and Latin America.

He stresses: “Fostering patient trust and instilling faith that I can help to not only restore their physical beauty but also support their confidence and self-worth, is the first step in their treatment.

“Beauty lies in a dynamic relationship between our inner selves and outer appearance. This relationship transcends the physical aesthetic. When we enhance our physical beauty, we nurture our confidence and self-esteem, which allows our inner beauty to radiate. This is at the heart of everything I do.”

He concludes: “Truly effective, safe, natural-looking, and long-lasting results that preserve the essence of ‘us’, are the secret and essence of aesthetic plastic surgery. This has to be carried out for the purpose of enhancing and nurturing self-confidence that in turn transfer and reveal our true inner beauty. This is my ultimate goal for every patient I treat.”

For more information about Professor Ali Ghanem’s work and his Total Face Refresh, please visit here

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