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July 24, 2020

Three Things to Consider Before You Relocate to Qatar

As one of the richest countries in the world, living in Qatar can definitely be a brilliant cultural experience. Along with the wealth, excellent tourist attractions and ways of living that might be different from your own, the country offers a range of stunning beaches desert landscapes and beaches to explore too. When it comes to entertainment and things to do, you’ll never go bored, with many parks, local souks, museums, and other options on offer. And with 350  days of sun per year, it’s the perfect destination for anybody who enjoys the sun. The Summer season is undoubtedly hot, but the rest of the year is ideal.

If you’re considering moving to Qatar, here are some factors to keep in mind.


The lifestyle in Qatar is mainly focused around the weather and money. It’s no secret that over half of the GDP in this country is generated from the oil and gas sectors, and the country is growing at a rapid rate with numerous excellent job opportunities for ex-pats. Compared to other nearby countries in the Gulf, Qatar is a very modern country and offers multiple entertainment and cultural options. Unlike many other Middle Eastern countries, there’s no problem with non-Muslims buying alcohol and there are quite a few restaurants that offer it on the menu too.

In the cooler months, there are plenty of activities to take part in such as fishing, dune bashing, or camel racing and several hotels and resorts throw massive beach parties featuring international DJs. You can find more information via Hello Qatar; this lifestyle blog focused around the country is a great way to find out more about what life here is like and keep up to date with all the latest events and more.

Cost of Living

While living and working in Qatar, there are plenty of opportunities to both make and save a great deal of money. Most ex-pats move here to work because of the lucrative pay packages on offer and the fact that it’s one of the few countries on earth that doesn’t require you to pay income tax. While the cost of living has gone up a little over the years, it’s still possible to live very comfortably at a reasonable price. Some ex-pat salaries include a housing allowance which is paid either as a lump sum or monthly. Rent prices differ depending on where you want to live, and some foodstuffs are expensive since 90% of food is imported.


Finally, consider employment options and how easy it will be for you to find work. Most ex-pats will secure a job prior to moving to the country, but if you arrive without work, you can apply directly to companies for vacant positions as there aren’t very many recruitment agencies. The workweek is a little different here; you usually work from Sunday to Thursday, and Fridays and Saturdays are the weekends. And, English is the preferred language to conduct business in thanks to the large influx of ex-pats to the country, so finding work is easy for any English speakers.

From great job opportunities to a high quality of life, comfortable cost of living at a reasonable price and fantastic things to do, Qatar is a great choice of destination if you are looking to relocate.

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