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February 25, 2021

Top London Luxury Car Spotting Places

Spotting luxury cars is a fun and free activity for supercar fans. The rich that live in expensive areas, such as Chelsea, Knightsbridge and South Kensington can be regularly spotted driving their luxurious Porsches and Lamborghinis. The issue is that sometimes you can only hear the sound of the roaring engines and they’re already gone. If you’re a luxury car fanatic and planning a trip to London after lockdown, check out our list of top places to visit to see premium cars!

Harrods, Knightsbridge

If you’re staying in London, Harrods alone is worth a visit. It’s a renowned department store selling the latest designer clothing and accessories so you can see their regular customers’ luxury cars parked close by which provide amazing Instagram opportunities, but be careful – as it’s a heavy traffic area!

Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair

Those that come to vacation in London during summer often fly out the rare and exotic cars with them. There’s a car park next to the hotel and is great for seeing these cars up-close. A lot of wealthy guests come from the Middle East and modify their cars with gold wraps or unique paint jobs to stand out from the crowd.

 Sloane Street, Knightsbridge

We have yet another Knightsbridge location which is Sloane Street and is famous for luxury stores. Naturally, you’ll find those with supercars having a shopping therapy there and might see rows of cars parked next to the entrance of Chanel or Balenciaga.

Lowndes Square & The Park Tower Hotel

These locations are close to one another, and luxury hotels tend to attract guests with extravagant cars. Pop down to the car park and you’ll see a selection of them – from McLaren 720S, Ferarri F8 Tributo to Lamborghini Huracan.

London Concours

And finally, if you’re visiting the city in the early summer, plan your visit in June to overlap with London Concours. It’s an event dedicated to luxury cars all gathered in one spot in the gardens of Honourable Artillery Company. Over 80 luxury cars are gathered on the manicured garden lawn and are then compete for the title of the best. It’s every premium car lover’s dream, so don’t miss out!

And here you have our top spots to visit in London. It’s recommended you plan your visit in the summer as there are more luxury cars on the streets during that time.

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