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August 12, 2021

US Travel Tips: Breathtaking Sceneries to Visit in Your Lifetime

The United States is amazing. There are fifty states, and each one of them has plenty of amazing things to offer. There is a lot to see and do all year-round. If you are looking for some genuinely breathtaking scenery, here are a few suggestions.

Watkins Glen State Park, New York

This park in upstate New York is a must-see. It is in the Finger Lakes area and was named after the nearest town. Even though it is 778 acres which is a lot smaller than most famous parks, it is gorgeous. The park has 19 beautiful waterfalls and picturesque views. In addition, it has the Rainbow Bridge and Falls that look like something out of a fantasy tale. It is perfect for campers.

Going up to Manhattan’s most impressive observation deck is a must when traveling to the Big Apple, but when is the best time to enjoy the views? You can visit The Edge NYC at night since it is the best time to visit the place with your loved ones.

Death Valley National Park, California

You wouldn’t expect much from a basin named ‘Death Valley,’ but this gem in California doesn’t disappoint. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the United States. Being below sea level, it is one of the driest and hottest spots in America.

Death Valley National Park is home to Zabriskie Point, a peak where you can enjoy optimal views of the sunset. Despite its name, Death Valley is full of life. It looks and feels great all through the seasons.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon needs no introduction. It is popular among the locals as well as foreigners. The Colorado River has carved the canyon for millions of years, and it is one of the world’s biggest wonders. The red-colored canyon is a natural beauty. It is a sight to behold through the different seasons. There are visual changes all through the year. If, for example, you visit in the middle of spring, it will look different from early autumn.

Some of the most amazing Grand Canyon things to do include taking leisurely walks, hiking, exploring the wildlife, and having a picnic.

Turnip Rock, Michigan

While this may not be the most famous attraction in the United States, it is breathtaking. It is unfortunate that many people still don’t know about its magnificence. It is a tiny island that can easily be seen from the shorelines of Lake Huron in Port Austin, Michigan.

True to its name, the island is shaped like a turnip. The lower part is slim, and it stretches out to the water. The upper part is wider, creating the perfect turnip shape. If you enjoy unusual sights, you’ll love it.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

There are many reasons to consider visiting the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the North Carolina-Tennessee border. It is filled with greenery, beautiful wildflowers, water bodies, and waterfalls. The sounds of nature are calming, and the entire area looks picture-ready. The Cades Cove is there as well. It is a tranquil little valley with lots of historical background.

Walt Disney World

Your trip to the United States isn’t complete before going to Walt Disney World. It is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It is the ultimate family vacation destination as there are entertainment opportunities for all ages. Attractions like ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Dumbo’ appeal to people of all ages. Disney pays attention to detail. It is not only fun but also safe and clean.

The United States is beaming with gorgeous scenery. There is something to see and do no matter when you visit. Whether you are looking for your next adventure or simply trying to relax and unwind, your options are endless. The best options include The Grand Canyon, Walt Disney World, Turnip Rock, and Death Valley National Park.

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