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May 20, 2021

What Is Luxury Interior Design in Apartments and Houses?

Premium interior design is a rejection of standard planning, finishing, and decorating solutions in favor of a unique environment that best meets the customer’s needs. A thoughtful balance between functionality and beauty using high-quality expensive decoration, designer furnishings, and décor.

Who Suits Elite Interior Design

The owners of VIP-real estate choose the option of exclusive design:

● Apartments and studios with living space over 200 square meters;
● penthouses;
● Two- or three-level apartments;
● country estates and cottages of 300 sq.m. and more.

This is the case when the surroundings — location in a prestigious district, a qualitatively different level of comfort, high social status of the tenants — require a proper interior filling. The issues of ergonomic layout, the most reasonable technical implementation of the project, safety factors, etc. are of primary importance.

The interior corresponds to the style of the building and the peculiarities of the environment

As a rule, when decorating hotel rooms designers are guided by the style of the building and the features of its surroundings. Surely you have noticed that if the hotel is surrounded by woodland, the interior uses a lot of natural wood and the windows can be panoramic. If the hotel is near the sea, it is often decorated in a fresh blue-white-beige color scheme, perhaps in the maritime style. If the hotel is located in a residential area of the city, it is decorated rather minimalist and modern. If the hotel is ancient and classical, the rooms are decorated in the classical style.

This approach in the design of the apartment is always a win-win, it creates a feeling of harmony between the world outside the window and the living space, as well as indicates a good taste of the owners.

Lighting design

Nice diffused and soft light creates a feeling of coziness and comfort. When equipping apartments, designers always think carefully about lighting scenarios and rely not on ceiling lights, and wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps. At home, even a couple of additional lights can transform the space. Also, you should not forget about natural lighting. Glass sliding doors and panoramic windows will be a great solution. Do not be afraid to use a large amount of glass in the interior, because you can always turn to Glass Experts FL in Naples.

In a typical project, the set of lighting scenarios are standard: central chandeliers plus built-in sources around the perimeter, local lighting floor lamps and table lamps. A number of tools and techniques are used to to solve practical and decorative problems: leveling chandeliers in rooms with a second light, niche, stained glass, floor lighting, light panels, lighting steps on the stairs. And the owners of the house can control all this on their own.

Technological stuffing

The interior design of elite cottages and apartments includes the most modern appliances: in the living room, it is a modern media center, in the kitchen — heating and refrigeration equipment of world brands, in the bathroom — electronic models of plumbing with lots of useful features.

High-budget projects implement a “smart home” system. It organizes the work of ventilation, heating, electrical appliances and switches, video surveillance, security alarm system, focusing on the laid down algorithms and changes in external conditions. It is controlled remotely by a smartphone or tablet. Such automation is another factor in favor of comfort and image.


Usually, the interior design of houses consists of the development of plans for several floors. Here it is worth noting that a truly coherent home design can be created if it is based on a single idea. The main thing, thinking about the interior of the house, remember that this is a place to live, not just a place where you can show the result of the designer’s work, enjoying the compliments of friends and acquaintances. And that means that the design of the house should be first of all close and understandable to you. Only in this case, you will get a really comfortable and cozy house.

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