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June 15, 2021

Why Wool & Natural Fibres Can Enhance Your Luxury Home Interiors

When you think about adding natural furnishings to your home, you may not consider using wool, but this understated material is now back in fashion with some stunning design choices that will create a room you will want to show off!

Why Wool is a Great Choice

Wool has long been regarded as a hard-wearing, warming material that adds warmth and comfort to any space. It is also an eco-friendly option due to its biodegradable and sustainable nature. Over the years, wool has been used as a cheap and accessible material. Still, it is now seeing a revolution and being used in the premium market to help create high-end items that look amazing in luxury spaces.

The best thing about wool is that it is so diverse and can create several different looks to suit your style. There is no end to the versatility of this material when you are creating anything from chic and elegant living and dining spaces to comfy and warm bedrooms. Plus, when you consider the number of different colours and patterns that can be dyed onto this material, the possibilities are endless.

The Main Benefits of Using Wool

Wool is not just a great material for creating beautiful items; it offers several other benefits that will help you. The main benefits include:

• It’s hypoallergenic makeup – wool can resist bacteria, mildew and even mould, meaning that if you are prone to allergic reactions, then your woollen items shouldn’t cause them.
• It won’t catch fire easily – if you are buying upholstered furniture, then the material typically needs to be treated to make it flame retardant, but wool doesn’t need this because it is so hard to light and will not melt or spread fumes.
• It will help save the planet – wool is a material that grows naturally on sheep every year and takes less energy to process than other materials, giving it a low carbon footprint.
• It will last for years – wool is very strong and recovers well even from the toughest usage over a long period, making it a great choice for upholstered items, throws and cushions.
• It’s energy-efficient – because woollen fibres are so tightly knit, they provide amazing insulation, making them great for items like rugs, curtains and anything that works to stop cold air from getting in.

Choosing the Right Wool

Before you choose the woollen accessories you want, it is essential that you know the most common types of wool you can choose from:

• Merino wool is one of the most common types of wool and is popular as it works well in hot and cold climates.
• Lambswool is expensive as it comes from the first sheering, but the result is a very soft material.
• Cashmere is a luxury wool that comes from goats and is great when used in woollen throws and blankets as it is so cosy.

Choosing the Right Wool Products for Your Space

When you are ready to style your space, there are several great options to choose from that will help you create a comfy, inviting, and stylish place. One of the most popular products to start with are woollen throws by companies like Atkinson Blankets. Not only do they add a different texture to a room, but they can also bring a pop of colour and offer comfort when you want to enjoy some cosy relaxation with your loved ones.

If you start with a blank canvas, you could also look for wool upholstered chairs and sofas that are high quality and produce an elegant look. If you want to create an impact, add a statement piece from companies like Ligne Roset to provide a talking point for all your visitors.

Don’t forget that wool can also be used to cover windows and floors too. Choosing wool for rugs, carpets and curtains will not only give you a room that exudes luxury and reduces the risk of fire, but you will also get a space that is warm and cosy in the winter and cool and relaxing in the warmer months.

If you are looking for something more experimental, several designers are pushing the boundaries with new and creative items that are sure to impress. Julie Waibel is one designer taking everyday objects like furniture and reinventing the making process to create something truly unusual and beautiful.

Why Wool is Here to Stay

Whether you love a tailored look, a country feel or a modern twist, wool will deliver. From the finest and softest choices to the most durable options, wool brings the versatility needed so that your home can look classic and timeless for many years to come.

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