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November 7, 2020

ZEE – Breathable Footwear, Aspiring to Freedom

Millions of ads swarming around Instagram, but a brand that segregates neon and glossy palettes in the colour of a slipper is the work of a passionate artist that must have caught your eye. Yes, it’s Zee Footwear.

We wouldn’t go ahead and waste this word count just through browsing their website. We’ve tried two of their most eye-catching designs and here’s what we have to say about them;

Zee Slide Wing 01

You had me at wing. Just as the name suggests, this leather slipper slides onto your foot. Not forgetting function over form, the accent yellow wing envelopes your foot like you’re a Xena warrior gliding through the streets. Although we’re not footwear specialists, it takes a practical user to figure out that their rubber sole gives the comfort of sports shoes while letting those toes breathe.

Zee-Ko 03

This pun intended, Zeeko is as lightweight as its name. In their description of the Velcro closing system, we were determined to try this one. We know you call it a tick-tack flap as well as we do. Adjustable for whatever mood of bloating your feet are on any day of the week, with the elegance of selective colour, we find this model to be the passé-partout of footwear. Beach, errands, or casual dining, this is your go-to model.

ZEE, where comfort meets elegance.

Check out ZEE’s collections for more artistic comfortable designs. Visit the website

Written by Salma Assal for Luxuria Lifestyle Egypt

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