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July 10, 2020

Luxury Home Design Tips That Will Transform Your Home

You don’t need to be a millionaire to give your home a more luxurious look and feel. Here are four simple ways of adding a sense of luxury to your home design without having to re-mortgage your home to pay for it.

Designer Bathroom Fixtures

Taps are one of the least exciting aspects of any home, but they can make a huge difference in how a room looks or feels. Modern designer sink fixtures don’t just look great but also add functionality, and they are easier and safer to use, especially if you have young children.

If you want to give your home a more modern feel, you could even opt for taps with motion sensors that are triggered simply by placing your hand beneath. These are more convenient, more hygienic, and just overall cooler than a conventional tap. These might be expensive enough that getting a personal loan would make sense.

Wild Wallpapers

When it comes to home design, wallpaper is basically cheating. Any room can be completely transformed by adding the right wallpaper. If your goal is to make your home seem more luxurious, then you should go for wallpaper over simply painting your walls.

One thing to remember with wallpaper is that not all wallpaper is of the same quality. Many people assume that the only difference between one roll of wallpaper and the next is the design, but the material they are made from makes a big difference to how they look and feel, as well as how durable they are.

3D Printed Fixtures

If you want to not only create a luxurious interior for your home but also make it truly unique and modern, 3D printing has a lot to offer you. There are many misconceptions about 3D printing and exactly what it can be used for.

By combining 3D modelling capabilities with a CAD and CAM setup, there is a wide range of fixtures and fittings for the home that can be produced cheaply and easily. If you don’t know how to design and print objects yourself, you can hire someone proficient in 3D design. They can then share 3D models with you so you can see what they are working on using a platform like Xuver. In fact, Xuver makes it easy to share 3D models with anyone so it’s the perfect way of introducing 3D printing to your home design process. Using Xuver, your 3D modeller can share their ideas with an interior designer and tweak their designs, so they blend in with your other home design choices.

Look for Sensational Lighting

The way that you light your home will greatly affect how it feels to be inside it. Home designers today have an endless array of lighting options to choose from, and the advent of smart lights has only expanded what’s on offer.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right light setup for your home, think about using smart bulbs that enable you to change the colour, intensity, and other properties of the light they emit. That way, you can change your lighting on the fly to suit the occasion.

Adding a little luxury to your home has never been easier. Whether you just want to add a few simple touches, or you’re going all out on creating a home interior fit for royalty, the areas identified above are excellent starting points.

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