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July 21, 2020

Transform your physique with F45, the ultimate workout

Discover the cult Group Fitness Training phenomenon from Australia that will leave you feeling leaner, stronger and fitter than you ever imagined. F45 Training, short for Functional 45, is the ultimate high-intensity, circuit-based group training concept, which offers a wide range of unique themed classes which will challenge and motivate you, and keep you coming back for more. Following its unbridled success in Australia, F45 is now the fastest growing fitness franchise concept in the world which has already taken the UK fitness scene by storm.

Setting the benchmark in fitness and functional training, F45’s leading fitness experts have designed an extensive range of 35 unique cardio and resistance based, training programmes, challenging you to mix up your weekly workout routine and reach your fitness goals. Sessions are 45 minutes long and fast-paced, burning up to 820 calories and pushing you to your maximum, with constant support and guidance from the world-class F45 coaches.

Sessions are carried out using the latest innovation in fitness-based technology for enhanced motivation and measurement, with screens strategically placed overhead, illustrating each exercise, as well as a countdown to your rest period as you move along the circuit. Sessions are challenging yet fun, and never the same due to the infectious enthusiasm and dedication of the F45 coaches and the dynamic and supportive team environment.

F45 programmes are specifically designed to provide a functional results-driven, full-body workout whilst also improving energy levels, metabolic rate, strength and endurance. Choose from a variety of themed classes including “Romans Resistance”, which combines resistance and functional movement training to create toned, lean muscles and the “Hollywood” workout, which features 27 demanding stations of HIIT circuits to upbeat tunes from a live DJ.
Classes are suitable for all regardless of age and fitness levels, enabling you to workout at your own pace as you challenge yourself and progress to reach your own goals.

Join the loyal F45 squad and kick start your health and fitness transformation today! Feel the adrenaline rush of a high-intensity workout, alongside a team of like-minded individuals to ensure you achieve fast, effective results.

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